Sgt H L Broome, 77th Brigade Signals KIA 17/4/44

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    Looking for any info on Sergeant Harold Lansdowne Broome 2330290 of 77th Brigade Signals who was killed (I believe at White City) on 17 April 1944, he was killed by a mortar bomb and the first on scene was apparently Major Pringle who was 77th Brigade signals officer and a good friend of his. He is remembered on the Rangoon Memorial. Would the Signals have a War Diary would it be part of a Brigade HQ one?

    thanks in advance

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    Hi Alistair,

    I've never seen a Signals, RAF Liaison or RAMC diary in realtion to service with the Chindts. This sad event might be mentioned in the 77 Brigade HQ diary (which is a monster document), but even here it will not have much detail. Signals were attached personnel to each Chindit column or Head Quarters, so Harold could have served in any of the 77 Brigade units. I'll take a look later on tonight.

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    I was imagining that signallers would be spread far and wide so not really covered by their own unit War Diary. I've seen a few mentions of Major Pringle online but they seem to mainly revolve around his being mentioned in despatches and tapping in to Japanese communications. Hopefully soon I will have a few bits of Sergeant Broomes to share on the forum.

    From what I've seen the Japanese seem to have been quite focused on destroying White City at that point.

    Thanks and hopefully something turns up in the HQ diary, I have seen a letter from one of his men but he just gives his unit as Signal Section 77th Brigade, so not sure what (if any) column he was attached to.

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    I had a look through the 77 HQ diary, but found nothing in particular about Harold or Pringle. At that time White City was coming to the end of it's use as a stronghold. On the 17th April, it was garrisoned by West African troops (7th Nigerian's), with Calvert and some of the 77 Brigade columns outside the perimeter attacking the Japanese from the rear.

    Here are the diary pages from midday 16th April to early on the 18th.

    P2770264 copy.JPG P2770265 copy.JPG P2770266 copy.JPG P2770267 copy.JPG P2770268 copy.JPG P2770269 copy.JPG P2770270 copy.JPG P2770271 copy.JPG
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    Thanks for that, shame nothing that ties down to his death, it may remain a mystery - the description I have is that a mortar exploded over his dug out killing him instantly and when Pringle (who was nearby) arrived he was dead but looked like he was sleeping - how many families were told that and I wonder how few of those its an accurate description of events, when I get the bits I'll see what extra it adds.

    Thanks again
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    The 77 HQ diary is a massive document, as you can see it is really just a succession of sitreps and messages. It does throw up some interesting details at times, but not on this occasion.
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    I picked out another diary to further illustrate the comings and goings at White City in April 1944. Attached is the South Staffs diary for the month of April. I know that Pringle went on after Burma to serve with 16 Para as part of the BAOR.

    P7960850 copy.JPG P7960851 copy.JPG P7960852 copy.JPG P7960853 copy.JPG
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    Broome Household (3 People)
    Fulham Road, Fulham, London
    Harold A Broome -18 Dec 1889 - Commercial Traveller
    Ivy Broome - 12 Sep 1891 - Race Course Bar Attendant
    Sorry, this record is officially closed.
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    Hi Alistair,

    Sorry, I keep coming back to the thread with info on Pringle, not really what you want I know. I was looking through a few old issues of Dekho, the Burma Star Association magazine, in relation to something totally separate and bumped into the following article. Could be that Harold was aboard the same glider?

    Pringle RC..jpg
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  10. Hebridean Chindit

    Hebridean Chindit Lost in review...

    Something we have discussed here is the "arbitrary date of death", the decision to record a group of dates rather than a factual date... this is an unfortunate fact of the research we've done here...
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