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Discussion in 'Service Records' started by GnrGnr, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. GnrGnr

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    An acquaintance sent, as nok, for her father's records from Defence Records 2b in Hayes in 2002. She received a single A4 sheet with a simple list of units and dates, ranks and dates, overseas service dates and medals awarded. The soldier concerned had passed away in 1985.

    Clearly that was what the system was then, my feeling is that she should now apply to Glasgow and she will get his full record. Would members agree - has anyone experience getting service records back in the dark ages?

  2. Tullybrone

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    Sounds like she obtained a copy before use of FOI and provision of copies of original documents became the norm.

    I’d advise her to apply to MOD Glasgow and include a copy of what she received in 2002. Don’t know if a fee was charged back then - I obtained similar detail from RHQ SG in 1999 for free - but if it was I’d be asking MOD to waive the current fee.

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  3. bamboo43

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    I would agree with Steve. A few families I have assisted over the years told me they had copies of service records, but in the end only had the one sheet breakdown you describe.
  4. Reid

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    I got my grandfather’s original service record way back in 1986 - it consisted of 8 lines that listed the ships he served on as a DEMS gunner.

    Typewritten and I think it cost me 15 pounds. I’m very lucky I got this version - the latest one that I received in 2016 has no references to these ships at all, which would have made researching his service even more difficult than it has been to date.
  5. GnrGnr

    GnrGnr Well-Known Member

    Useful comments thank you, I had a suspicion it may have been related to the rules of the time.

  6. Ron Goldstein

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    I don't know whether I was just lucky when I applied for my own records but if you go to my Gallery here: Ron's Army Records | WW2Talk you will see what I received.

    The beauty of receiving all that info was that I was able to fill in all the blank spaces in my memory.

    Good luck with your research !


    As these were my own records I didn't have to pay anything :)
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  7. GnrGnr

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    Ron Thanks. That is exactly what I am used to seeing but have been dealing with records applied for relatively recently. The problem with the single (half) sheet is that it leaves too many gaps. I attach an edited version (I have taken out the units deliberately, I know what they all are). Sticking out is where was he and with whom after leaving the Middle East in 1944 and discharge in 1946. Don't bother trying to guess, I just show it for illustration.


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  8. Rob Dickers

    Rob Dickers 10th MEDIUM REGT RA

    My 1995 self pickup records from Hayes, Middx. Stated ‘Summary’.
    Later re -applied ones from Glasgow were ‘Full’ & included the original summary.
    Re- Apply!
  9. GnrGnr

    GnrGnr Well-Known Member

    Thanks Rob - have recommended exactly that.

  10. Tony56

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    Max, another avenue, if you friend agrees, is to post name, service number, units on here, quite a few members have access to other records that may supplement the details in the service records.
  11. Steve Mac

    Steve Mac Very Senior Member

    Hello Max,

    What you describe is not uncommon and the advice on this forum to date has been, as Rob says, apply for his ‘Full’ service records!


  12. GnrGnr

    GnrGnr Well-Known Member

    Thank you Tony, the lady is pondering the way forward. I have posted on here about his last ME unit (SCU No 4 (MERS) and have identified the diaries and have a broad idea of their hush hush role. Problem is filling the gap between leaving the ME and discharge, no units mentioned in the summary.

    Steve - actioned with advice to the lady.

  13. GnrGnr

    GnrGnr Well-Known Member

    Belated update. The lady has applied for, and now received, his full service records so thank you all for the advice. All is clarity!

  14. Tullybrone

    Tullybrone Senior Member

    That’s good news. Could I ask whether she had to pay £30 or did they simply provide a free update of what she had paid for previously?

  15. GnrGnr

    GnrGnr Well-Known Member

    I didn't think to ask - wait out.

  16. GnrGnr

    GnrGnr Well-Known Member

    There was no reimbursement but I don't think the matter was pressed.


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