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    Recently recieved my fathers record not to sure if its incomplete si have enclosed photos of items recieved .
    He seems to have been through various battalions and regiments as well as going AWOL and missing in france .
    So couple of questions if anyone can decipher.
    Have I recieved enough service record or missing sheets ?
    Where did he go missing in france as I seem to think it was around evacuation.?
    What was his job in Gibraltar I think guarding the hospital?
    His medals ,did he receive 4 or any clasps missing ,?
    Thanks it's like a minefield trying to negotiate all the diferent links and get confusing . 20220127_215059.jpg

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    His medal entitlement is likely 39/45 Star, Italy Star, Defence Medal & War Medal.

    Men had to apply for their medals post discharge - they weren’t available for issue to discharged personnel until 1948 - using application forms (postcard) available at a Post Office.

    Many men & women didn’t apply. When an application was made the Army Medal Office usually stamped the service papers with the number of medals and the date issued.

    I can’t see an AMO stamp on the papers you’ve posted so I’d say he didn’t apply. AMO are still issuing WW2 campaign medals so the NOK is still entitled to apply for them.

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    Thanks steve I saw it stamped jul 1950 with E 138 in front of it and wondered If been collected .I shall look into sending off and checking .
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    I rather think he was actually in hospital.
    24/7/44 Adm Flat Bastion Hospital
    12/9/44 Disch Flat Bastion Hospital
    5/10/44 Adm Military Hospital
    23/10/44 Disch Military Hospital
    (Adm = admitted, Disch = discharged)

    Flat Bastion Road Hospital Shelter

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    Thanks tim very helpful
  7. Philip72

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    Thanks Gus I'll look into buying that
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    On my screen its hard to read the thumbnails expanded but it looks like he was back in the UK from the BEF on 21.6.40. That strongly suggests he was one of the men to return from France via Operation Aerial and returned possibly by ship from St Nazaire or further south west France. His leave following was given to all men who came back. 3 days at home and a day to travel.
    If you get the unit records you will see when the unit re-established itself in the UK and where. They would have indicated he was missing in France. He would not be back on the roll until he re-joined them.
    At least 4,000 men returning from St Nazaire were sent to Western Command temporary camps who made a bit of a delaying mess getting back to their units. That could account for the fact he was in the UK but not back with the unit. AMPC units were generally back behind the lines labouring, with sections deployed here and there, and were based in France from the west coast up to the Belgian border building airfields, dumps, camps etc. Units got totally separated after the German flanking attack from Sedan to Abbeville that split the large part of the fighting BEF from its supply lines, where there were another 190,000 or so men. Some men near the Channel got out via Boulogne Calais and Dunkirk, up to 4.6.40 the rest went out further west. The Royal Logistics website behind the paywall may have a summary of his units records, failing that its Kew TNA. I only made sense of one man's records by having what you have plus the unit records.
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    Wow thanks for all that information I will add it to what we know and when I get hold of the diaries things will fall into place .thanks again
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