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    My grandfather was a driver in the RASC, 349 army tps composite coy, under 1st Army. Can anyone tell me which Division he was attached to? He was sent to North Africa on 10th/12/42. It says on his service records ERI262 to N/A. What does ERI262 stand for?
    Many thanks for any help. mumdocuments_October-9-2014-12-15-07-213-PM.jpg mumdocuments_October-9-2014-12-06-58-493-PM.jpg mumdocuments_October-9-2014-12-10-23-463-PM.jpg mumdocuments_October-9-2014-12-21-00-521-PM.jpg
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    Can you post the records up so we can have a look please?

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    IF he was in 349 Army composite troops then he wasn't in a division but 1st Army HQ - depends where the SRI1262

    is placed - might be just an instruction - which is it ERI or SRIā€¦.?

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    Sorry, it's ERI 262. I've posted my grandfather's service documents, as I would also like to find out who 521 division tps coy were attached to in Italy. Thank you for any help you can give.
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    On the service records I previously posted, my grandfather is noted as XII 45/43, next to IGRTD on 1/7/43, then it says X(II) list 25 5/45. Does this mean he was injured twice? It also says Y list 11/11/44?
    I know he was shot and contracted tuberculosis. He was in hospital for months, from around May 45 to January 46. He was in 50 general hospital CMF in Italy.
    How could he have been shot on 25th May 45 when the war was over in Italy?
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    Can anyone help me with my grandfather's service records please?
    (Posted on last thread - RASC 349 army tps comp coy).
    He is noted as XII 45/43 on 1/7/43, then it says X(II) list 25/5/45.
    Does this mean he was injured twice? It also says Y list 4/11/44.
    I know he was shot and contracted T.B. He was in 50 General Hospital CMF
    in Italy from around May 1945 to January 1946.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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