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  1. Hi all
    Please see attached my late fathers service record. I have done some research but anything that stands out please let me know

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    Have you looked for unit diaries at Kew?
  3. I have contacted them however live in Australia. I am a bit unsure which war diary to ask for.
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    I'll have a closer look at the units and dates later today. A quick search of the Kew catalogue suggest there are diaries. As others will advise, once you have the diary references, a couple of members on the forum will visit and copy diaries for a fraction of the 'official' price so being in Australia wont be a barrier if you want to explore them further.
  5. Oh wow that would be great thanks for the info
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    I had some spare time so I had a go at translating his records and deciphering some of the abbreviations for you:

    11/12/1941 - 'Posted & Joined' the RASC. Attached to No. 15 Infantry Training Centre [for standard basic training I would imagine]
    30/01/1942 - Ceased To Be Attached to 15 ITC and posted to the 9th Training Battalion, RASC
    31/01/1942 - Granted leave with ration allowance
    16/02/1942 - Passed Grade III Driver
    11/03/1942 - Posted to 44 Division
    12/03/1942 - [44 Division Petrol Company RASC] Posted to the War Establishment less attached [personnel] of this Company, with effect from [date] ??

    The next entry has a different unit that I can't make out (but may be a reinforcement holding unit), and he is given 14 days leave (with another specific but unclear abbreviation for the type of ration allowance payment granted to him for the period). This would appear to be embarkation leave, as he then embarks UK (Liverpool?) and disembarks on 22/07/1942 to be Taken On Strength of Middle East Force. Jumping to his Statement of Services form, it appears he is now in Egypt. It would seem that while still at sea (on 11/06/1942) he has been granted WPP (War Proficiency Pay) and posted to 508 Company RASC.

    13/11/1942 - Admitted to Hospital, Struck Off Strength [of his unit - 508 Company], Taken On Strength of the X (ii) List [sick/injured personnel]
    22/01/1943 - Discharged (2?) Convalescence Depot, Struck Off Strength of the X (ii) List Taken On Strength of [looks like] 3 Company Base Depot
    15/03/1943 - Taken On Strength of a new unit - 406 General Transport Company - from the X (iv) List [personnel available for posting]

    The next entries cover three periods of leave with HRM (Higher Rate Messing Allowance). In May 44 he is posted to a new unit. According to the war diary transcription linked below, 406 GT Company was disbanded in the Middle East at about this time, which would explain his reposting:

    War Diary - No.1 RASC Mobilisation Centre

    21/05/1944 - Posted to 65 Armoured Brigade Company, Struck Off Strength of MEF & Taken On Strength of British North Africa Force
    01/06/1944 - Struck Off Strength to X (ii) List [ill or injured again]
    10/06/1944 - Taken On Strength from X (ii) List [back to his unit, 65 Armoured Brigade Company]

    Note that at around this point the 'Place' column changes from Middle East/North Africa to CMF (Central Mediterranean Force), which suggests that he had crossed over the Mediterranean, hence his Africa Star and Italy Star. Big gap in the record now:

    30/06/1945 - Ceased To Be Entitled to Mediterranean [theatre] Allowance [which according to forum member and WW2 veteran Tom Canning was 3d per day].
    14/07/1945 - A 'negligent driving' incident 'While On Active Service'
    11/08/1945 - Leave In Addition to Python. Embarked (Calais?). (Returned?) 14/09/1945
    17/01/1946 - Entitled to Mediterranean Allowance

    The remaining entries are to do with his repatriation and eventual demob, and service with RASC units in the UK while awaiting his release from the forces.

    These would seem to be the main units he served with:

    508 Company RASC - June to November 1942
    406 GT Company RASC - March 1943 to May 1944
    65 Armoured Brigade Company RASC - May 1944 to April 1946

    Found one diary that might be of interest, but the National Archives site is really playing up at the moment:
    Royal Army Service Corps: 406 Company (RASC)
    Date: 1943 Jan.- Dec.
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  7. Thanks so much that was fast deciphering all that. Who do I need to contact regards people on this forum who can go to Kew?
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    PsyWar.Org & Drew5233 are the forum members who do copying.

    I think these could be the diaries of most interest to you, though with a war diary you never know what you are going to get (and double check all this before you order, I'm just an amateur at the archives!)

    Royal Army Service Corps: 406 Company (RASC) | The National Archives
    WO 169/6049
    Royal Army Service Corps: 508 Company (RASC Coy)
    Date: 1942 Sept.- Dec.

    Royal Army Service Corps: 406 Company (RASC) | The National Archives
    WO 169/11871
    Royal Army Service Corps: 406 Company (RASC)
    Date: 1943 Jan.- Dec. 169/16814
    WO 169/16814
    Royal Army Service Corps: 406 Company (RASC)
    Date: 1944 Jan.- May

    Companies: 65 Coy. | The National Archives
    WO 170/2415
    Companies: 65 Coy.
    Date: 1944 Jan., May- Dec.

    Companies: 65 Coy. | The National Archives
    WO 170/5678
    Companies: 65 Coy.
    Date: 1945 Jan.-Dec.

    Companies: 65 Coy | The National Archives
    WO 170/8336
    Companies: 65 Coy
    Date: 1946 Jan.- June
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  9. Thanks so much all of you for your assistance and knowledge very much appreciated. I will look into getting the relevant war diaries

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