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Discussion in 'Service Records' started by alan8376, May 11, 2011.

  1. alan8376

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    Hi everyone,
    I know this one has been possibly done to death many times, so I will keep it simple.

    Can I get a 'Service Record' of a person or not?

    I am not NOK, nor relative
    Cannot get a copy Death Cert
    He served in Army 1941-47
    Born 1903. Died 1979 in USA
    I have his Service Number

    I find MOD web site a bit confusing about just who can obtain a record.

  2. Drew5233

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    Yes, but you will need to show the MoD proof of death. It doesn't have to be a death certificate. A picture of his headstone will be enough assuming he was buried or a copy of the funeral invoice. If you are still struggling give them a call at Glasgow, I found them very helpful when I spoke to them.

  3. alan8376

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    Thanks Andy,
    I will see what the family can produce and if they wish to request records. Of course the fee will need to be paid.


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