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    Looking for some help interpreting my father's service record, please. I have the list of abbreviations sent with the records but things like P.A., P.Att., 3.C.I.D., 3 I.T.C., K.Rs, M.P.I.B do not appear. I believe GS means General Service. I also find it curious that his Medical Category is A1 and yet he is being discharged as 'unfit for service' I have attached copies of this records He was called up as soon as he was 18 having served with his local Home Guard from the beginning of the war, near Newmarket. He has told us, at the end of his training, volunteers were sort to go to the Orkneys, and to his eternal regret many of mates from training perished in the D-Day landings. It seems curious that there is an entry for 7th June 44. Does anyone know why he would have moved around so much and been posted to one regiment initially and then to another after training and then back to the first one?

    I see no obvious mention of the Orkneys in the details I have been sent. I am trying to establish what happened to him between Jan and June 1944. He told us that something he experienced in this period (he says he went to Norway) is what led to him being ‘Discharged – Permanently unfit for any form of Military Service’ later in 1944, suffering increasing mental problem for the rest of his life.

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    Hi, from what I have read....

    P.A. is Posted/Attached
    P.Att. - Same
    3 C.I.D. could be the Central Infantry Depot or something like that
    3 I.T.C. is Infantry Training Center
    P.T.W. Primary Training Wing

    the 390 (XVI)K.R. 40 is a reference to the Military act/rules under which the discharge was carried out

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    That's brilliant! thanks Wayne

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    3 ITC = Infantry training CENTRE......British Army..!


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