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Discussion in 'Service Records' started by Pete Keane, Feb 19, 2011.

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    Many thanks RosyRedd, much appreciated.
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    No problem. You're welcome :)
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    I see there are several threads on the meaning of WTPP but I cannot find that anyone has come up with a definite answer. 'With Travel Permit Provided' does not fit.
    It must be some sort of pay. For instance from a Service Record:
    5.7.42 Granted WTPP
    20.12.42 Granted SPP
    4.7.42 Granted arrears WTPP 20.6.40

    In other words when WTPP was granted on 5.7.42 it was realised that it should have been paid from 20.6.40.
    Any further ideas and sorry if I've missed the answer elsewhere.

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    I'd feel fairly confident that it was War-Time Proficiency Pay.

    PAY AND ALLOWANCES. (Hansard, 9 December 1941)
    WAR-TIME PROFICIENCY PAY. (Hansard, 27 May 1941)
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    When did he sign up?

    Was that 20.6.40 any kind of yearly or six-monthly anniversary?
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    For instance:

    Men with former colour or Territorial Army embodied service receive increments in respect of such service , of 3d. for one year's service and further increments for longer prior service, Total pay i.e. Pte with 1 Year's former service 2/3 per day, 2 years 2/6, 3 years 3/-

    In addition War-Time Proficiency pay of 6d. per day may be granted on recommendation of the Commanding Officer on the completion of 6 months' service after 3rd September 1939.

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    Thanks that's definitely it. Confirmed as War Time Proficiency Pay on this link Second World War Abbreviations and Acronyms - Researching WW2
    Charley - Sorry don't know when he signed up as I don't have the full record but it all makes sense. Extracted from your first reference in #66:
    "No, Sir. War-time proficiency pay is not in any sense an automatic entitlement, and it is considered desirable that before it is granted there should be a positive certificate from the soldier's commanding officer that he is in all respects a thoroughly trained and efficient soldier and is physically capable of performing the duties required of him in the arm of the Service to which he belongs."


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