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Discussion in 'Service Records' started by Pete Keane, Feb 19, 2011.

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    Any suggestions?

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    Are you sure it's not WTTP (Weapons and Tactics Training Programme)?
  3. Owen

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    In what context does it appear?
  4. Pete Keane

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    It occurs very early in a service history


    On 13 Feb 1941 he was allotted Army Number 4468399 at Heighington.
    29 Aug 1941 Granted W.T.P.P.
    29 Oct 1941 Posted & joined 7th RNF from 70 YS DLI at Newbiggin

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    Could it be some form of "proficiency pay"? e.g. "Wireless telegrapher Proficiency Pay"? Doc
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  8. Pete Keane

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    I reckon you are right - on the record it is 'granted', sounds more like a welfare thing than an award or qualification.

    Cheers guys

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    Hi all, I have searched many sites looking for a couple of abbreviations that appear on my Fathers war records, can someone throw light on the following please:
    1. Granted leave with S.L.R.R.A
    2. Granted leave 23-29.7.41 R.A.S.L.R
    3. Granted WTPP

    also how can I find out which ship he sailed on to Egypt, 132 Inf Bd, Pet Coy Rasc, Embarked Liverpool 28.5.42, disembarked and TOS MEF 22.7.42.

    Later on with 508 Coy on the 17.8.43 it states : Evacuated to 15CCS and SOS 508 Coy on posting to X(11) list.coy, can anyone decipher this please ?

    I am sorry to ask so many questions but I naively assumed that once I received his war records all of his movements would be clear, but I am struggling to understand.

    Many thanks,
  10. 4jonboy

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    Hello Peter and welcome. Someone will be along very shortly I guarantee to help you! The vets on here can read service records like they were written in proper English! If its not too personal,why don't you put his records on here and maybe we will get a full picture of what he did.

  11. Skybot

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    Hi Lesley, thanks for that, I will post them up if that's ok. give me an hour or so.
  12. Wills

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    Evacuated to 15 Casualty Clearing Station (CCS) Struck of Strength 508 Company. Posting to x(ii) List, All ranks who have been evacuated on medical grounds.The X List-Temporarily struck off effective strength.

    X List (ii) Medevac. All ranks
    X List (iii) Escaped returned POW
    X List (iv) Can be ORs listed for Commision (v)

    There are sub categories eg; X list (ii) a - b etc. will keep hunting!
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    Peter, Moved this over from General to the section dedicated to Service Records - and changed the title slightly.

    Good luck.

    I'll give Tom C a nudge for you.
  14. Skybot

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    Hi all, as per your suggestion Lesley here are my Dad's war records.

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  15. Skybot

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    Thanks Diane, could you move the war record too ?
  16. Skybot

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    Page 2:

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  17. Skybot

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    Many thanks Wills, the records I have uploaded may shed some light
  18. Skybot

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    Here is the 1st page, I think scanned better

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  19. Wills

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    They do indeed shed some light - do you wish warts and all?
  20. Skybot

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    Yes please Wills, warts and all.

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