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  1. vac

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    I have a vague memory that people serving in the armed forces did not pay income tax, this being one of the reasons that their pay appears to be low in comparison to non-service personnel. Am I right or is memory playing tricks?
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  2. SteveDee

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  3. vac

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    Hi Steve, mmm ..yes and at a pretty hefty rate!

    Thank-you for info - very helpful.
  4. Rich Payne

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    Don't forget either the deduction of 'Barrack Room Damages' - just in case, even if none had occurred. The unfairness of it still rankles with ex-servicemen who kept their noses clean.
  5. chrisgrove

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    Time was when servicemen got free food and accommodation (and could claim ration allowance when not living in barracks, or on leave). But years ago (when I was still in) the government trumpeted a considerable increase in service pay. What they did not trumpet half so loud was that servicemen were then required to pay for their rations, except when under 'Field Conditions'. The result, of course, was that the pay increase was not half so large as they originally made out.
  6. hucks216

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    If we are talking about modern times then yes they do pay Income Tax and National Insurance. Those who live in barracks now pay food & accommodation charges as well as council tax (and also have to pay for a tv licence if they have a tv) but those that serve on a ship do not pay those charges although they still pay Income Tax & NI contributions (using RN as an example as that is what I served in). So you could have a sailor based at the shore base HMS Drake for 2 years and paying the extra charges while another sailor serving on a ship for 4 years not paying food & accom charges and also getting extra 'sea pay'.
  7. vac

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    No thinking of WW2 and before -- am aware of modern times - a relative recently retired from forces.
  8. CJB

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    Attached copy of a letter to the tax man in 1940. My father was with the B.E.F. and on the retreat to Dunkirk. On the date of the letter my father had just landed in England after fighting a rearguard action on the way to Dunkirk (Bray Dune) and narrowly escaping from Wormhout and the massacre. I believe the letter was written by an uncle on behalf of my mother.

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  9. CL1

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    Blimey ,I the taxman/taxwomen were still active during the war
  10. vac

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    Thank-you all for setting me straight -- very helpful for my research. Sadly my own parents and grandparents didn't keep stuff in the way that others have but the generosity in sharing is very helpful for filling out the background.
  11. vac

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    My father was also part of the BEF rear guard but was taken prisoner. POWs were apparently stopped tax from their meagre lagergeld hence my question.
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  12. Shiny 9th

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    My father used to tell a story of getting an income tax demand whilst serving in Burma, on active service. He took great delight in tearing it up.
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  13. HAARA

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    Yes, certainly taxed. One of the complaints made by troops was when promoted through the ranks, which could happen quite quickly at the beginning of the war as TA men were promoted to help in training up new recruits is that the taxman seems sometimes to have taken time to catch up with the additional pay, issuing demands that could be a bit unpleasant!
  14. jetson

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    During my National Service from week one when we were paid 28/- per week less deductions we drew £1. In my case unwittingly I had not paid enough tax in my previous civvy job so where as the other lads in the platoon were paid the aforementioned amount, yours truly drew fifteen bob! The Inland Revenue fined me. I recall the Imprest Account Officer on pay parade muttered to me I must have a private supplement to my army pay such as himself. I mustered a grin and did not enlighten him as to the true reason.
  15. Drew5233

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    I was taxed in the UK, Kosovo, Iraq and Bosnia...It has always been a bone of contention with members of the Armed Forces paying tax whilst on operations.

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