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  1. BrookBrack

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    Hi, new member.
    I am trying to find information on my fathers Service History, I have obtained a copy of his service record from MOD, but it is sketchy in places.
    He was posted to 45th RTR 9.5.42
    Arrived Port Tewfik Egypt 4.7.42
    Attached to H.Q. 8th Army 9.2.43
    Ceased to be attached to the above 18.2.43
    Posted to HQ 8th Army Protecting Squadron 7.6.43
    Posted to 42nd RTR 31.3.44
    Embarked Middle east 5.4.44
    Disembarked UK 22.6.44

    He was awarded the Africa Star with 8th Army Clasp and the Italy Star.
    I know he was wounded at some stage, result of a land mine, he was the only survivor his other mates were killed.
    I can remember his pay book having a telegram inside stating " Missing believed KIA", but he was found 6 weeks later in a field hospital. Sadly my mother threw his pay book out!
    Any information or where to search much appreciated.

  2. Tom Canning

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    Not much to go on for these two Battalions other than they both were Teritorials from East Surreys and Leeds Rifles- 45th landed in Egypt towards the end of the Gazala Gallop - and probably fought at El Alamein on Oct '42 - and like the 44th Div - didn't do so well and they disappeared
    Neither 45th nor 42nd landed in Italy- 42nd appeared to land in the UK in time for service in Normandy
    He was attached to 8th Army in Tunisia -for 9 days and again 7/6/'43 - still in Tunisia - very odd !
    you will need his service records to follow his route.
  3. BrookBrack

    BrookBrack Junior Member

    Thanks for the speedy reply, I have a copy of his service record but as stated it's very sketchy! Will keep searching
  4. Oldman

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    Your father more than likely sailed on Convoy WS19 to the middle east this left the UK roundabout 9/10 May 1942.

    You may want to contact the Tank Museumn at Bovington to see if they have any information on 45th RtTR/42RTR.

    I know that 45RTR came from Leeds and was commanded at some stage by a Tetley
    (of Brewing Family) and 42 RTR was a Company from either 45th RTR or 51st Leeds Rifles that split .

    Also an option is the 45/42 RTR war diaries these will tell you what happened day by day.
  5. Tom Canning

    Tom Canning WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    The 51st RTR originated from the Leeds Rifles and served in 25th Tank Bde in North Africa (Mar'43) and Italy until around December '44 when the bde was split and 51st RTR became an Armoured / Engineer unit with "funnies"

    Not too sure but it might have been they or NIH had Tetley as C.O.


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