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    I've attached scans of all the entries in his book as well as some bits that were with the book, I'm not sure if the photo is of Henry. I haven't been able to establish much about his service, there has been a photo on page 3 but this has been removed, on page 7 there is a leave entry dated 23/3/43 which has E next to it which I believe is Embarkation Leave meaning he did head overseas. if you do get his service record I'd be very interested in seeing it.



    IMG_0009.jpg IMG_0010.jpg IMG_0011.jpg IMG_0013.jpg IMG_0014.jpg IMG_20180908_0001.jpg IMG_20180908_0002.jpg IMG_20180908_0004.jpg IMG_20180908_0005.jpg IMG_20180908_0006.jpg IMG_20180908_0007.jpg IMG_20180908_0008.jpg IMG_20180908_0009.jpg
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