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    I don't know much about my distant cousin, I found his name on the family tree, did some research and found his find a grave page. He went MIA in the air over Germany in 1943, I can only assume he was shot down. Can anyone help me find out more about him? his service ? was he shot down? It says something in the corner by his grave " in memory of the guys of 103 so raf..were killed in rad...over hanover...18 10 19-"

    Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Kemp-Welch, of Sopley, Hampshire.
    Birth: unknown
    Death: 18 Oct 1943
    BURIAL: Hanover War Cemetery, Seelze, Region Hannover, Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), Germany

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    Sergeant (Air Gunner) KEMP-WELCH, RALPH
    Service Number 1603664
    Died 18/10/1943
    Aged 20
    103 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
    Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Kemp-Welch, of Sopley, Hampshire.
    Location: Niedersachsen, Germany
    Cemetery/memorial reference: Coll. grave 1. B. 12-16.

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    Chorleys Bomber Command Losses has:
    Lancaster III JB349 coded PM@G Take off 17:33 from Elsham Wolds. crashed 2045 between Gronau and Barfelde,14km south west of Hildesheim. Burials are reported from Gronau, though five now rest in Hannover War Cemetery. Sgt Tetley and Flt Sgt J Sutherland RNZAF are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. Sgt Hill's brother Harry, also lost his life on Active Service.
    Sgt Ralph Kemp-Welch is shown as the rear gunner.

    Errol Martyn, a researcher on another WW2 site who specialises in New Zealand aircrew dais this back in 2004 when a German researcher asked for details. RAFCommands :: Old Forum Archive
    Accident Avro Lancaster Mk III JB349, 18 Oct 1943 adds
    Shot down by Hauptmann Friedrich Karl Müller of the Stab/JG 300, flying an Fw 190 A-6.
    Five crew members are buried at the Hanover War Cemetery. Two crew members are missing in action.

    Their Lancaster had previously been involved in a collision on the ground 1943 Lincolnshire aviation Incident Logs. -
    28/09/1943 Lancaster JA957 103 Sqn Elsham Wolds This aircraft was damaged at 00:50 hrs on return from operations. It had swung off the runway whilst landing in heavy rain and came to rest by the side of the taxiway, where it was struck by Lancaster JB349, whose pilot was unable to see the aircraft. Pilot F/Lt F J Hopps and crew were uninjured.
    28/09/1943 Lancaster JB349 103 Sqn Elsham Wolds This aircraft was damaged at 00:50 hrs whilst taxying back to dispersal in heavy rain and poor visibility after operations. The aircraft struck the port wing of Lancaster JA957 which had swung off the runway after landing and had come to rest by the side of the taxiway. Pilot Acting/W/O J E Rule (New Zealander) and crew were uninjured.

    Kemp-Welch was educated at Charterhouse and is also commemorated on their War Memorial OC War Graves - Charterhouse
    Hope this helps, collating all snippets in one place

    EDIT to ask: Is he related to Lucy Kemp Welch (1869 - 1958) is probably the supreme illustrator of "Black Beauty" (Anna Sewell). Her deluxe illustrated version has consistently been the most expensive of the illustrated versions on the secondhand market. Lucy Kemp Welch studied with Hubert von Herkomer, and took over the school in 1905. She spent much of her life in Bushey, and many of her works are in Bushey Museum.

    It doesn't mention if she married him, but with her husband also being a Hubert seems too much of a coincidence NOT to be him, but taking her name, possibly to avoid anti German sentiment?
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    Whoa! thanks to everyone for all this info! I'll make sure it's added to his find a grave page

    Yes Lucy is his cousin
    Capt George Durant Kemp-Welch the cricketer killed in the bombing of Wellington Barracks was also his cousin
    2nd LT Maurice Kemp-Welch is also his cousin who died in the ww1 Arras offensive
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    Second Lieutenant KEMP-WELCH, MAURICE
    Died 11/04/1917
    Aged 36
    10th Bn. Yorkshire Regiment
    Son of James and Olive Kemp-Welch, of "Olantye," Weybridge, Surrey; husband of Margaret Frazer Kemp-Welch. B.A. (Cambridge).
    Commemorated at ARRAS MEMORIAL
    Location: Pas de Calais, France
    Cemetery/memorial reference: Bay 5.


    Service Number 131986
    Died 18/06/1944
    Aged 37
    Grenadier Guards
    Son of Brian and Verena Kemp-Welch; husband of Diana Kemp-Welch, of Astley.
    Location: Worcestershire, United Kingdom
    Cemetery/memorial reference: S.E. corner of 2nd extension.

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