Sergeant DEAZLEY, 1 Irish Guards

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    Mod edit: Moved from 2722596 J BEASLEY, 1st Battalion Irish Guards
    This is the man I meant, my apologies, I can find no mention of him elsewhere;

    SITUATION REPORT 1 I.G. - No. 6.
    OPERATION 30 MARCH 1943.
    Meanwhile Lieutenant McINERNEY and two detachments of mortars had gone out on the left to cover the withdrawal. They were joined by Capain ROYLE, an R.A. F.O.O. who had got back, and who reported that he had seen a section of No. 2 Company being taken prisoner. Otherwise he could furnish no information. The mortars covered the withdrawal of 5 wounded men (Sergeant DEAZLEY, Sergeant MEARS, McCAFFERTY, and two gunners) and then were ordered to withdraw.
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    Separate thread created for Sergeant Deazley

    It's possible that this is the same man - if the one your father knew also served pre-WW2 in Palestine
    2718822 W DEAZLEY, 1 Irish Guards
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    Thank you : )
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    Thank you : )

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