Sergeant (2nd Pilot). McLEOD STANLEY

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    Marriage 1911, Anderston to

    Marriage 1918, Hillhead to

    Her first husband was KIA:
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    Many thanks harkness, that explains it all
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    Mother Catherine Currie Gray born 1888. I think she died 1970 in district Old/West Kilpatrick. Not 100% certain as name recorded Catherine C. Gray age 80 which gives a birth year set 1890, but as its the only one born that century.

    An Alexander Gray McLeod was born Patrick 1922. Can see no death entry for him.

    There was a marriage to an Evelyn Ripley McKee or Watson in the Pollock area 1958 BUT there was another Alexander Gray McLeod born in 1935, so this could be his wedding entry.

    Onwards and upwards.
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    Many thanks amberdog.

    While ancestry Family Tree's can be unreliable there is an entry

    Alexander Gray McLeod
    BIRTH 1922
    DEATH 2000 • Queensland, Australia

    I have contacted the owner
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    Bingo ! I contacted the tree owner in ancestry and she replied immediately. Alexander Gray McLeod had a brother Doug, and here is a picture of the two brothers. Alexander was a navigator and also shot down.

    Thank you all for your considerable help with this, without the input from ww2 forum members we wouldn't have got this far. We now have photos of 4 out of the 5 crew of Whitley EB297 of 297 Squadron. I'm in contact with the 5th who told me they were looking for pictures, , so maybe they will find the 5th (Sgt Charles L. Hodgson)

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    Hello all - I have only just stumbled on this chat so am not sure if it is closed or still active. Just to say Douglas and Alexander McLeod were my mother's 1st cousins children of Catherine Currie (nee Gray) and Archie McLeod. Though born in Partick (Glasgow) they spent most of their later childhood in Upminster. There are a couple of family stories attached, the first (perhaps not totally relevant to the main issue of this chat) - that Catherine's first husband Donald Alexander Munro was killed in 1913 in a motorcycle race into which Catherine had encouraged him to enter. This was in India, where her brother, my grandfather was in business at the time. So the CWGC Belgian link given earlier in the thread must be a different man of the same name (unless the family story is wrong). Secondly, (a bit more relevant) is that both Douglas and Alexander McLeod were POWs as mentioned and were on separate death marches from POW camps to avoid liberation by the Russians. I have no information about that but would be interested if anyone has any.
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    Oh and just for interests sake, Archie McLeod was one of the sons of Farquhar McLeod and Annie Carmichael, so brother to the Farquhar in the death cert.

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