Seeking RAF persons details?

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  1. AndyMartin

    AndyMartin Active Member

    Hi everyone
    I hope everyone is well!
    I have just come across a personal steel transport case covered in writting and trying to look into his past?
    Ideally to discover his birth and death certificates so I can request his service records.
    So far I have...
    CPL Watson V
    Class `A` Release

    It also has an address which is so far incomplete but trying to work it out?
    so far can see 7 Kings road

    Also has GRP 26 and RA164 painted on it and in large letters.. whitstable

    I have started a tree on Ancestry which is struggling to find anything but Forces war records have discovered his service number of 909717 has come up with Victor George Watson
    and he enlisted Uxbridge Sept 1939 - June 1940

    Any tips on how to progress further and hopefully get to his birth and death certificates so i can request his service records?
    Interested to know more about him!
    Any sites which may list him or his service, role etc?
    Thanks so much in advance.
    All the best!
  2. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Please dont use forces war records you will waste your money

    if the name is correct possible

    Born 1900 24th May
    Deaths Sep 1976
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  3. AndyMartin

    AndyMartin Active Member

    It gave me a start as all I originally had was CPL Watson V 909717
    And I found it was Victor George Watson, but as you said that was all there was on there?
    I will try the new info on ancestry to see if heads anywhere?
    Thanks so much for your reply!
  4. alieneyes

    alieneyes Senior Member

    Must agree with Clive re that site.

    I've attached the slip from AIR78 at Kew (all airmen and airwomen NCOs between 1918 - 1975) that confirms the man's name was indeed Victor George Watson and service number confirms. The number itself is what tells you where the man enlisted. See here: RAF/RAF OR Service Numbers "900000 to 934899 Sep 1939 Uxbridge"

    There are several Victor George Watsons who pop up. The one who stands out to me is the one born 22 May 1913 and was living in Reading in September of 1939 when the England and Wales Register was tallied. Insurance clerk and an ARP warden. Reading is 30 miles from Uxbridge.

    It is also possible that your man migrated to Canada or Australia post-war.



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  5. AndyMartin

    AndyMartin Active Member

    Thanks, I did see this one on Ancestry and agree it is more probable with the location and age.
    I am working on this one and seeing what comes up, if I can get a death certificate I may gamble on requesting some service records and see if the chap I am looking for?
    Thanks again!

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