Seeking photos of Rifle Brigade 1940 - 1942

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  1. Tracing photos of my grandfather, George Henry Bayley (6916097) so hoping someone may have images from family members that were part of the same unit. Long shot I know but trying to find a photo of my grandfather for my father who never met or has even seen a photo of him. Everything was lost in the war but becoming more important as my father grows older too. Any help gratefully received!!!

    GHB enlisted with the Rifle Brigade on the 15th Feb 1940 and was deployed to Africa (Eygpt) on the 4th August 1940. He was with the 2nd RB until the 3rd August 1941 where he was then detatched to the Headquarters Support Group and the 7th Armoured Div. He was killed in action 11th January 1942.

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