Searching for service n. 2700360, 1st Bn. Scots Guards, WWII, Italy

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  1. coonie

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    2700360 Mess knife.jpg Hi, I'm Italian and I'm searching for information about a Guardsman, service number 2700360.

    1st Bn Scots Guards fought a bitter battle (Catarelto Ridge, Point 707) in the Gothic Line, Italy, on 30th September/1st October 1944.

    Catarelto Ridge is five kms north of the town of Castiglione dei Pepoli. Castiglione, situated in the Province of Bologna, lies in the Apennines between Florence and Bologna.

    Some months ago two friends of mine found a mess knife, 2700360 engraved, in the battle site.

    The 2700360 Guardsman didn't fell in WWII. His name is not listed neither in Scots Guards history book nor in Castiglione dei Pepoli South African War Cemetery graves list. There are 39 Guardsmen buried in Castiglione War Cemetery, many of them fell during Catarelto Ridge battle.

    Within some months will be open a little WWII Museum in Castiglione and the mess knife will be showed.

    I'd like to find the name of the Guardsman and information about him.

    Could anyone help me?


  2. Drew5233

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    I can't help with the individual man but I do have a copy of the Bn's war diary that covers all of 1944. Drop me a private message if you would like to purchase a copy-It contains over 500 pages.

  3. Tom Canning

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    Not too sure where the 1st battalion Scots Guards were attached but it might have been with the 6th South African Division at Caterelto Ridge at that time of possibly the British 6th Armoured Div - who were both on the right flank of the US

    5th Army at that time - but we have a couple of Guards experts on the forum who will be along shortly to help you
  4. coonie

    coonie Junior Member

    Hi Andy, thank you for your offer but I have got the copy of all 24th Guards Brigade War Diary units (1st Bn Scots Guards inclusive). I took pictures of them when I came to The National Archives.

    Thank you again.


  5. coonie

    coonie Junior Member

    Hi Tom, thank you for your reply.

    24th Guards Brigade, with its 1st Scots, 3rd Coldstream and 5th Grenadier, was seconded to the 6th South African Armoured Division from Spring 1944 to February 1945.

    From August 1944, 6 S.A.A.D. was under command of the 5th US Army.

    Thank you again.


  6. amberdog45

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    Did a sweep of the newspaper archives just using the service number but nothing there. Occasionally the service number comes up in articles. Wish I could have helped. Good luck with your search and hope the opening of the museum goes well. Can you post some pictures of the knife and the new museum here in the future please? It would be nice to see the knife in its new home.

    Just thought I would try "Gothic Line" in the search engine. 615 entries have appeared! Go to the "britishnewspaperarchive" and type Gothic Line in the advanced search. Though you can't see the full article without purchasing credits or a subscription, you can get little snippets of information.
  7. Tullybrone

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    You may consider it worthwhile to write to the Regimental Headquarters, Scots Guards, Wellington Barracks, Birdcage Walk, London. They may be able to let you have "bare" information without breaching the Data Protection Act!

    Ask them for contact details of the Scots Guards Regimental Association (there may be something on the internet already?) and consider writing to them so they can circulate your enquiry to their members.

    Good luck.

    Steve Y
  8. coonie

    coonie Junior Member

    Thanks Amberdog45 for the suggestion.

    I'll try to search 2700360 in "Britishnewspaperarchive".

    I'll post some pictures of the knife when it will be placed in the museum.

    Thank you again.


  9. coonie

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    Hi Steve,

    in November 2012, I wrote to the British Embassy in Rome. They passed my request of information on the Army Historical Branch.
    I suggested them to forward my request to Scots Guards, Regimental HQ, in London, too. I thought that an "official request" could be better than an individual one.

    I'll try to write to Scots Guards Regimental Association.

    Thank you very much.


  10. gus1200

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    Hi Mauro,
    I know a few years have passed since you posted this topic but I have been doing family research and have just found this topic online. My Uncle Tom Cameron is buried in this cemetery and his service number is very close to the one you are looking for . I do not know the way the numbers were issued or if soldiers borrowed items when on initial training ? My Uncles service number is 2700321 .

    Hope this is of use

  11. coonie

    coonie Junior Member

    Hi Gus, I'm sorry, I read your post now.
    I hope you are able to read my message because I'm interested in your researches.

    Your uncle was killed in Monte Catarelto battle and I'm doing research about this battle. Could I contact you?

    I'm waiting for your reply.

    Best regards, Mauro.
  12. joseph wheatley

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    Hi Mauro, I don't know if this thread is still active, but My great Uncle,Lt. Michael Cassy 228305 (Grenadier Guards 5th Bt) was killed on 2nd October on Catarelto Ridge and is buried in Castiglione. Would you have any recommendations to where I can find out more about the battle at Catarelto?

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