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    Hi Everyone

    I have come to the end of everything I have been able to find

    i was originally very interested in Michael wittmann, and the video of him after Villers. However I started noticing the person next to him in the tank, a very young looking soldier. I found out his name was gunter Boldt. He was the loader for wittmann at Villers. I did what i could to find out more about him
    Birthdate and place
    Date he was KIA
    he is buried in Le Combe as well

    also a very unique picture purported to be his tank he was mortally wounded in, still in the field a year later in France. Tank 231

    Along the way I came across the pictures of him at an awards ceremony getting the Iron cross with Wittmann and the other members of the tank crew.

    On thing I love to try and do is then and now pics as well as try and find out more about the person behind the soldier.

    my questions are, has anyone ever found the spot of the picture of 231 as it is today?

    He was originally from Konigsberg, is there anyway to find out more about his actual life and family?

    also is there a way to find out more about his wounding? and death? and where? I know in one very short report it was said he lost a foot or both feet, and was taken to a close by field hospital where he died. I would like to know where that may have been, and then how his grave was discovered and when, and how he came to be in Le Combe.

    i know wittmanns story of how that came to be, but Gunter will be forever known as the other person in the tank with wittmann and it would be cool to really find out more

    thanks much for any help

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