Searching for information 1878071 Trooper Ronald John Charles WILSON, I RTR

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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm trying to do a research about Trooper Wilson,R.J.C.,and I need any help with it.

    Till now I only,have the following info:

    Name: Wilson,Ronald John Charles
    Armynr: 1878071
    Regiment: Royal Tank Regiment
    Unit: 1st
    Died: December 22nd,1944
    Buried: Jonkerbos War Cemetery (The Netherlands)

    According to information that I found,did Trooper Wilson died at the Dutch German Border.
    He was buried in a paddock in my hometown Sittard.
    His wife and the parents of Trooper Wilson have visited this town in 1946.

    Till now,I have the following question: does someone can tell me more about the actions of 1RTR in December 1944 ?
    Does there excists Squadphoto's of 1 RTR,and where do I find them ?
    Does Trooper Wilson,has got any relatives ?

    I hope someone can help me with this,any info or leads will be much appreciated.
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    Very little on that period in Delaforce's Battles With Panzers as the regiment were out of the front line at that time. It wasn't a complete rest, they were still patrolling and wary of German attacks, bearing in mind the Battle of the Bulge had started.
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    ... December 20 moved down to Broeksittard (north-east of Sittard) and occupied a defensive sector, although there were no infantry in the line there. This time they did not abandon their tanks but set up a chain of patrol posts, partly dismounted but always backed by tanks. At this time C Squadron was in Germany, B half in Holland and half in Germany, A and R.H.Q. in Holland, and B Echelon in Belgium. Thus the 1st R.T.R. and other R.T.R. units were not altogether idle from mid-November until mid-January.

    The Tanks Volume Two 1939-1945 by Liddell Hart.

    As there was ample time to write up the war diaries, there's a good chance there would be some useful detail in them. The Tank Museum at Bovington sell transcripts of the diaries so you could see how much Dec 44 would cost?
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    Name:Ronald Wilson
    Given Initials:R J C
    Death Date:22 Dec 1944
    Birth Place:Yorkshire
    Regiment at Enlistment:Royal Engineers
    Branch at Enlistment:Royal Armoured Corps
    Theatre of War:Western Europe Campaign, 1944/45
    Regiment at Death:Royal Tank Regiment RAC
    Branch at Death:Royal Armoured Corps

    Possibility of him having married in the Holderness district in late 1943.
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    Thank you,for this information.
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    Here's the units war diary at Kew

    WO 171/865 1 Royal Tank Regiment 1944 Jan.- Dec.
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    Here is a copy of the letter about trooper Wilson,that I found. scannen0001.jpg

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