Searching for info - 14371867 Sapper George HOLMES, Royal Engineers: 01/03/1944

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    Anyone got further information on;
    Sapper 14371867 George Holmes Royal Engineers. Died on Wednesday 1st March 1944 aged 34.
    Born on Thursday 2nd September 1909 George was the son of George and Elizabeth Holmes of Nether Heage and the husband of Mary Elizabeth Holmes they lived at 267 Chesterfield Road Belper..
    Before enlisting he was a Jobbing Bricklayer.
    George is buried in St Luke’s Churchyard Heage Derbyshire.
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    He has not appeared here before, either by name or number.

    CWGC details:

    Alas no indication which unit her served with in the RE.

    I would suggest you use your local library's online services to access the British Newspaper Archive, which is free in libraries, to see if there is any reporting of his passing and funeral.

    The only way to then go is to apply - yourself or his family - for his Service Record; which may take time. It is the definitive record, hopefully it will identify his unit and provide more information. He could have died for many reasons and it could be an assumption he died in the UK.

    Good luck.
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    I think it’s a certainty he died in UK as UK personnel who died overseas were not repatriated for burial.

    Hopefully a helpful member may post his official casualty record entry - if there is one. Failing that you could apply for his death certificate.

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    Here he is:

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    Thank you so much!
    Regards Richard.
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    2 More cards with service dates.

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