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    I've been searching for information regarding my Grandfather who served during the second world war, the images I have attached are all the information we have as everything else including his medals were stolen in a robbery some time ago. My father would love to know as much information as possible as his dad didn't like to talk about the war while he was alive.

    All I know was he was from Manchester, signed up for the Royal Marines and his DOB is 25/08/1914

    If anyone can help it would be amazing

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    Hello Andy welcome
    Your best bet is to get the war diaries, members on here copy for a reasonable price.
    Also might be worth reapplying for his service records Get a copy of military service records requesting full records.

    You can also reapply for his medals at Apply for a veterans badge or a medal
    Replace a medal
    You can only get a replacement medal from the Ministry of Defence (MOD) if it was stolen or destroyed, for example in a fire or flood. The medal must have been awarded for service after World War 1.

    You’ll need to show proof by providing a copy of either a:

    • police crime report
    • successful insurance claim listing the individual items
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    Harold M Monks
    BIRTH 25 AUG 1914 • Chorlton, Lancashire
    DEATH MAR 1979 • Manchester, Greater Manchester, England

    England & Wales, Civil Registration Birth Index, 1837-1915
    Name: Harold M Monks
    Mother's Maiden Name: Clarke
    Registration Year: 1914
    Registration Quarter: Jul-Aug-Sep
    Registration district: Chorlton
    Parishes for this Registration District: View Ecclesiastical Parishes associated with this Registration District
    Inferred County: Lancashire
    Volume: 8c
    Page: 1447

    England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1916-2007
    Name: Harold Merton Monks
    Death Age: 64
    Birth Date: 25 Aug 1914
    Registration Date: Mar 1979
    Registration district: Manchester
    Inferred County: Greater Manchester
    Volume: 38
    Page: 1540

    Harold Merton Monks
    Birth: 25 Aug 1914 - Lancashire
    Death: Mar 1979 - Manchester, England
    Marriage: Sep 1937 - Stockport, Cheshire
    Spouse: Dorothy Pendergrast
    F: Edward Monks
    M: Elizabeth R Clarke

    Details from Ancestry

    As Clive says obtain his service reocrds, they are the place to start
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    What did he do in civilian life, what types of job??

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    In 1939 Register (as linked to in the Family Tree link by Tony56) he was living at 7 Ellwood Road, Stockport with Dorothy (born 3 August 1915) no children
    He was a biscuit cream mixer, she was in the cotton industry a ring? spinner.
    Perhaps someone who knows Stockport could tell you what biscuit manufacturers were there. McVities?
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    Thanks for the replies guys, I've researched the Ancestry side and that avenue seems to be closed. The records posted are the only documents we have now, the robbery was over 25 years ago, why no one has tried to get this information before I don't know
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    Try searching for “royal marine ww2 copra”. It comes up with an establishment in Largs called COPRA which is on one of the records you have posted. It seems to be an admin base - Combined Operations Pay Records and Accounts.


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    I've search "Copra" but can't find a mention of him serving there, it does say "COPRA" was used when they didn't know the name of the marines ship
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    You are lucky that you have your Grandfather's Certificate of Service. It was an original document that (in the case of RN and RM) was handed out on discharge so many were lost/mislaid by individuals or descendants. There is not much detail on this one.
    HBL = Home Base Ledger and MNBDO = Mobile Naval Base Defence Organisation, a RM organisation for Port defence. Rightly or wrongly I have always attached the 'Mobile' to the Naval Base rather than the Defence ie MNBDO is the Defence Organisation for a Mobile Naval Base.
    Search on this site using 'MNBDO' will give you some info. It would appear that 2 MNBDO were deployed North Africa/Crete/Sicily.
    The entry of Copra as already pointed out stands for Combined Operations Pay Records and Accounts. A shore establishment which would merely have held his records whilst he was serving elsewhere. Looking at the dates I would guess Landing Craft. The only clue I can see on his records during this time is that from 30 Dec 43 to 27 Jul 45 he was employed Act.2.R.II. Unfortunately I have no idea what this stands for.

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    These are the only documents I have from my deceased grandfather for his service in World War II

    I would like to get copies of his medals and ribbons for my family to remember him, I'm sure he was awarded a Burma Star and a North Africa Star but can't be sure.

    If any can gleam information I might find useful please get in touch, service number etc are much needed

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    Well his service number is PLY/X.100561 - which I think shows he enlisted or was based in Plymouth, more expert naval members will correct

    RE his medals

    Contact the MOD Medal Office
    You can contact the Medals Office in writing or via email.
    MOD Medal Office
    Room G36
    Innsworth House
    Imjin Barracks
    GL3 1HW

    Freephone (UK only): 0800 085 3600

    Have found them to be very helpful

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    His service number PLY/X.100561 indicates he was allocated service in the Plymouth Division Royal Marines for Hostilities Only (HO) during WW2. He seems to have been involved in the Combined Operations role. The service record does not give any medal information so best to contact them as per the details above.
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    There is another post on Harold Merton Monks:
    Searching for Harold M Monks WW2

    Andy, probably best to keep everything under one heading or it will make it very difficult to follow. Some will answer one thread and someone else the other, no one will know where we are!

    Any MOD out there who could merge them?
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