Searching for French Expeditionary Corps "Goumiers" in Italy

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    Good morning Richelieu. Downloaded both items. You were right about the clarity of the document but was able to read most. And the book is a great resource and makes interesting reading, so thank you again. If you know of any other French units etc. that were in the Italian campaign would you le me know. I would most certainly like to include them in the book.
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    I'd thoroughly recommend that you seek this one out to view too Sandra (n.b. it is not an easy watch).

    Two Women - Wikipedia

    Kind regards, always,

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    Hello Jim, hope you are enjoying your weekend. Two Women - I've seen it. Sophia Loren. Very strong emotional theme.
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    Dear Sandra,

    It is lashing it down, yet the wet weather gear is about to be donned for a loosen the old legs amble.

    This may be of interest to you, and hopefully provide further avenues of exploration.

    Le corps expéditionnaire français et l’armée américaine en Italie (...

    Keep up the good work, kind regards, always,

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    Good to hear from you Jim as always. What you talking about - loads of miles in you. Bright sunshine here, but cold and windy. Not the time to be taking the bike out for me. Brrrr! I'll take a look at the link. Thank you for the encouragement, means a lot.
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    The composition of the Moroccan Goums/Tabors Brigade in Italy and its commander Brigadier-General Guillaume (courtesy: Le CEF en Italie 1943 - 1945. by Lt.Col Georges Boulle):

    Goums 2.jpg Goums 1.jpg

    A Group of Tabors was the equivalent of a brigade of irregular infantry; a Tabor was the equivalent of a battalion; a Goum the equivalent of a Company. Goum is derived from the Arabic word of Qum(= a band or troop). The Goumier was a Moroccan irregular soldier, usually recruited from the Berber mountaineers of the Atlas, and commanded by French officers and non-commissioned officers. A Tabor usually included Headquarters, one Heavy weapons Goums (mortars and MG), and three Goums. Its strength was about 65 French officers and NCO's and 859 native NCO's and men, with 247 horses and mules. A Group was composed of HQ and three Tabors, strength about 3,100. In February 1944 the Goums Marocains, under Brigadier-general A. Guillaume, was composed of the 1st, 3rd and 4th Groups of Tabors, in all about 10,000 men.

    The 2nd Groups of Tabors was not engaged with the French Expeditionary Corps on the Italian mainland, it fought on Corsica and Elba.
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    Thank you for the information, which I found most helpful. Sorry I haven't replied sooner had technical issues. (Basically-I couldn't work my new phone) Again, thank you
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