Searching for details on E F Robinson 8th Army RASC

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    I am trying to find out more details on my Dad
    What I know so far is:
    EF Robinson
    Driver T/204706 (I think)
    RASC Driving School
    Perham Down

    With the following medals:
    1939-1945 star
    8th Army Africa Star
    Italy Star
    1939 - 1945 Defence Medal
    The War Medal
    The HM Armed Forces Veterans’ Lapel Badge

    He used to talk about his time in the desert with the 8th Army and at Monte Casino.
    We have tried searching but cannot find anything about him at all.
    I also have a photograph / Post Card (Carte Postale) showing 4 lines of soldiers in what appears to be the desert and would be brilliant if we could put names top any of them .
    Thanks in advance for any help provided.
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    As TD says Stephen, get his service records from the government. You should then get units, locations, times etc etc and your research can start in earnest.
    Best £30 I ever spent getting my grandfather's records.

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