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  1. Hi all,

    I realise I am probably swinging in the dark here, but I figured it's worth a shot. I am hoping to either dig up, or be put on the right track to find out some or any information on my Great-Great Aunty who served in the A.T.S. during the war. All I have to go on is a name and where she is from. Her name was Margaret Rothwell and she was from Pendlebury, Manchester. She was the younger Sister to my Great-Great Uncle James Rothwell who served in the RTR and was killed. I've dug up bits and pieces on him, but am really hoping to find something on what his Sister did, too.

    Many thanks,

    Richard Fouracre
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    The basic info regarding your Great-Great Uncle James -

    Trooper James Rothwell 3457622 of the (44th) Royal Tank Regiment, R.A.C. who was KIA 06 September 1944 and is buried at Leopoldsburg War Cemetery in Belgium - son of Fred and Isabella Rothwell / Husband of Edith May Rothwell of Pendlebury, Lancashire

    Someone should be along soon to provide the only valid link to obtaining British Army service files but in the meantime, how do you KNOW that she was in the A.T.S. (and not one of the other women's service for example)? Do you have any photos of her in uniform or any wartime letters or any other paperwork regarding her life? Did she spend her life in England or did she immigrate abroad? (incoming immigrant paperwork sometimes has previous military history details)
  3. Hi Dave,

    Thank you. I have dug up bits and pieces on James and have managed to share that with family members. I also obtained the book regarding on the History of the 44th RTR and now, too, have the Regimental Diaries - thanks to this site. But I am hoping to further dig up on Margaret, I am lead to believe she was operation in a Radar Station? But that's mostly word of mouth. At least with James, we had a unit to go on, and that helped me with my initial searches. All I know of Margaret was she was in the A.T.S.
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    You could start here ATS Remembered - Home, that leads on to ATS Remembered - Veterans and there details here

    FY5 3WP
    Helpline Tel: 0800 169 2277
    or can be contacted at

    I think then you can also obtain her service record from the MOD - assuming she has passed away the forms are here Request records of deceased service personnel

    For your great great uncle you could also apply for his service records from the MOD link above - you will need to download his CWGC certificate and include it and its found about halfway down the left hand side of his CWGC details Casualty Details | CWGC

  5. Lovely jubely! Thank you very much, I will follow up on this for both relatives. Thank you :)
  6. Forgot to add/ask. With the current situation worldwide and U.K. lockdown, are these places still operating as per normal? I live in Australia now, so I will have to contact them in the evening here, but following up on this, I would like to be certain they are working first.
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    I understand that the MOD service section in Glasgow is still working but it is slower than normal due to the pandemic and its effect on the increased number of people making requests and probably fewer staff having to comply with Covid restrictions

    Might be worth emailing first

  8. Lovely, thank you.

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