searching contact with us ww2 veterans

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    I was wondering if someone coud help me to found some veterans who fought in ww2 and been in Holland
    The reason is this

    My Grandmother was 19 in 1944, she had many people hidden ( jews) for the German Nazzies, and my grandfather has his own copyshop. Some day some Germans found some paper and put my grandfather to camp Westerbork, but lucky for my grandfather he has jumped out the train. My grandfather died when i was 2, and my grondmother is stil alive, but its hard for her to remmber anything. She also met some us soldiers that day who were there when she was in Veghel Or Nijmegen. I was wondering how life was in that time and if the had much conact with people from the Netherlands.

    SO i was wonder if can get in contact with veterans ans ask some questions.

    We also have 2 miles from here a big liberty museum Overloon.
    hope to hear something

    ps English is nog my home language.

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