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Discussion in 'General' started by Giulio, Jul 29, 2020.

  1. Giulio

    Giulio Member

    hi I'm looking for German researchers who have the possibility to browse German war diaries directly from the Berlin archive. I know the division the operational area and the dates of operation. if someone would like to help me in my research you can send me a message in private. I hope it is the right section thanks
  2. Gary Tankard

    Gary Tankard Well-Known Member

    You can download most German divisional war diaries free of charge from various sites. what division is it and what are the dates? There are large gaps after the end of 1943.
  3. Giulio

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    Im loking for the Place " monte peglia" , i know ther is a trasmition ploton ..but isnt information about It . The Place is over Orvieto the last year of war , i find meteorologic bolletin sent to Berlin for One year once time a mounth .the First near country is San Venanzo , and i find that there was a 334 wermacht .. i search they diares for know the exact moviments .i find so a photo whit nazi vheicol ti rotecastello. Sorry for my english im italian.

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