Searching 2nd Batalion Princess Louise's Kensington Regiment

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    Dear Sir, Madam,

    My search for my family is now cold.

    But I’m still searching for my Granddad in England of Scotland and / or related family.

    My name is Raymond Wijers; born in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, December 7th ,1965.

    I’m a son of Gerrit Wijers, born in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, September 23th 1945. His address at that time was Grotestraat 65, Nijmegen

    The mother of my dad was named “Dien Melet”.

    Ma Grandma Dien Melet had a relation with a soldier named Reginald Bernard Vincent or Reginald Vincent Bernard. The relation lasted from November 1944 until probably April 2th 1945, because Reginald was a soldier of the 49th West Riding Division (nickname Polar Bears). That has been told in my family.

    After ma Grandma “Dien” deliver her son Gerrit at September 23th 1945, there was some contact with Reginald and his family by letters. They also sent some baby clothes to the Netherlands. I don’t know whether there was a denial about the relationship and the baby from Reginald.

    From the side of my Grandma there was in the years after 1945 less contact, because she got a relationship with a Dutch guy, named “Jan Wijers” and married him in 1946

    That man was jealous in everything. He has forbidden my Grandma to have contact with England and he destroyed every photo and other correspondence. Out of this marriage they got a son and a daughter. The son is born December 19th, 1947.

    I’ve been searching since 2005.

    At that time, I had contact with an association in The Netherlands, who were able to search for war-veterans. They were able to tell me that Reginald after World War II went to Scotland. There he should have created a family in which he got a daughter. She would be a half-sister of my Dad!

    The person involved with the search in England/Scotland had told us that the half-sister didn’t like to have contact with us. According to the person involved, Reginald would have died between 1986 and 1988. If there is any truth about the daughter, some people must still have a relationship with Reginald and his family.

    Maybe there will be still some family of my father and myself.

    After 2005 I’ve tried to contact with several military organizations in the UK but with no results. Maybe it was because of my bad English language at that time, but in general they answered me: “because of privacy rules we’re not allowed to give you any information”

    Only one of them, the veterans of the Polar Bears have investigated into their files but couldn’t find Reginald Bernard Vincent. There is a possibility that Reginald did join the mentioned regiment after his own regiment had no more soldiers.

    In the newspapers in June 1945 there was mentioned the second battalion of Princess Louise’s Kensington Regiment. That regiment could have been responsible for the defending of the so-called Island of Nijmegen. Maybe Reginald has been a part of that regiment.

    If you could find more details about my granddad and his family, I would be very grateful. Finally, it would be clear for my mind to know more about my ancestry and history.

    Thank you in advance for your efforts and meanwhile

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Yours sincerely,

    Raymond Wijers,

    Van Elsstraat 8

    5361 HX Grave

    The Netherlands

    Tel. mobile 0031 655066515

    My email:

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