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  1. This brings me back to the fact, that James and Martha Ryder were the grand parents of James.
    Charlotte Ryder seems to be the mother of James (the book “For Sovereign and Country” - Roy Winton).. James was brought up by his grandparents, so the book says.. Was Charlotte pregnant from somebody, who went into WW1 and couldn't she raise her son by her own?

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  3. Hi Kyle,

    We compared some pictures from Mark A.Harris and a photo from Claire with, probably, her son.. it could be a match!
    But we didn't hear a thing of Claire yet...

  4. Hi Kyle,

    We send a message to Claire last Saturday on Facebook. We've seen, that she has read the message, but so far, she didn't reply it.

    Yesterday I send a message to Mark Harris through the site of Supermarine aero engineering. This morning I received a mail (from Andy Nickin, general manager). Mark Harris is not the person, we are looking for.. His father is Peter Harris and he is also still working at the company (1941)
    Funny was, that the director had a great uncle, who was trapped in a basement in the battle of Arnhem. He passed away a few years ago.
    Also coincidence, that they had a Julie Ryder from Stafford, who used to work there!

    He should ask Mark Harris (son of Peter Harris), if he knows our Mark A. Harris.

  5. Hi,
    last week we got a reply from grand daughter Claire. She should contact her mother about James Ryder. I send her all the information I had. I'll let you know, what the results are gonna be.
    Thank you all for your help!

  6. Hi,

    I want you to know, that there was email contact with the grand daughter from James Frederick Ryder. I've send her all the information I had. Last january I went to Nijmegen with my wife and visited the war cemetery of Jonkerbos. I found it very impressive!
    I've send some pictures to the grand daughter and again there was a fine conversation by mail. She ended in her last mail, that I should hear of her soon. This was on the 29th of january. After a few months I mailed her, but there is no response.
    Two weeks ago I've tried it once more, but again ther is no response coming..

    I don't know if something has happened, so I do not want to mail her again, unless I get a response.
    I want to thank you all for your great help!

    I'm going to start a new forum trying to find out more about the other soldiers who died in our village, so I might need your help again.

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    Well done Paul for keeping the memory of these men alive , thank you from the faithful of the DLI
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