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    Rank:Stoker 1st ClassService No:229299Date of Death:21/10/1917Regiment/Service:Royal NavyH.M.S. "Marmion." Grave ReferenceI. B. 8.CemeteryFREDRIKSTAD MILITARY CEMETERYThe Pembrokeshire War Memorials site shows his details against Monkton & Pembroke War Memorial

    Sorry for delay in reply, Just out of Hosptial. Thanks for all that info, I had not considered that Kenna and Brazel surnames would be misplelt on CWGC, which from experence I should have realised and researched the possibility alot sooner.

    Do not go near the memorial website you mention.

    Have not yet found conclusive evidence that John Mason baptised 1893 of Pembroke Dock is related by family to Monkton. Already had the Mason you mention and the circumstances surrounding his death. I prefer to do the research for proof, and not make any prior assumptions. Just because the name on a memorial fits a name in CWGC, does not make conclusive evidence they are the same person, as experience shows.

    Following date does fall within CWGC period.
    # Doris Jeremiah, her headstone reads “died Oct 20 1944 aged 20 years she gave her life so others may live” unquote. Circumstances not known, may have died in air raid, but death registered at Cardigan.

    Fire Officer A.D. Reynolds posted India on "War Work", that is good enough for me, for him to be a casulty of war and thus warrent being on CWGC. Mind, I have Land Army Girls killed during posting in UK in W.W. 2 and not listed CWGC, so your point taken.

    Tks again for your assistance.
    Owen Ap Benfro
    Pembrokeshire Military Headstones 1714 to 2010
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    if you are prepared to share the info you already have with regard to Alfred Wilson I can progress the case; likewise with Gooch

    Sadly with Reynolds & your landgirl the CWGC Royal Charter prevents this



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