Seaforth Highlanders Casualty - Alexander Robertson

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    Pte Alexander Robertson 2821301 of the Seaforth Highlanders died on 24th April 1944. He is commemorated on the Rangoon Memorial as having no known grave but there are no personal details on the CWGC Register. However I found this newspaper article with a photo in a newspaper trawl.
    Aberdeen Weekly Journal 8 June 1944 Robertson Seaforths KIA.JPG

    Not Forgotten
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    Am I missing something - checked CWGC and there is no Robertson who died on 24 May 1944 or mentioned on Rangoon Memorial - are you sure of the date he died??

    Ahhh its 24th April 1944

    Casualty Details | CWGC
    Service Number: 2821301
    Regiment & Unit/Ship
    Seaforth Highlanders
    1st Bn.
    Date of Death
    Died 24 April 1944
    Age 23 years old
    Buried or commemorated at
    Face 18.

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    Listed on the Aberlour War Memorial, Morayshire
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    Apologies TD - got the date wrong.

    It appears he was Mentioned In Despatches as well. It appeared in the London Gazette of 5 April 1945.
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    Hi Browno

    Would it be possible to find the name of his parents and in particular his wife? I'm not sure how the Scottish family records work.

    I would like to get the CWGC records online amended to give some details of him - I think it is so sad when they just have a name but nothing else.
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  7. Skoyen89

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    Yes, saw that. Unfortunately my account on that site seems to be suspended for some reason otherwise I would ask there. But I think BrownO is one of the organisers of the site.
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    Hi Skoyen. I am. If you want to DM your details I will check your profile.


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