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    Excellent thanks for that. :)
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    The property Valuation Rolls have been added to Scotland's people website for 1940.

    Indexes free to search and free to register, but you will need to purchase credits to open the original.

    News: Valuation Rolls for 1940 Go Online
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    Find My Past Fridays blog today said they've done updates to the Billion Graves Cemetery Index for US, Canada, Britain, Ireland, Australia & New Zealand.

    (Kent burials 1907-1958 were also added today)
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    I need a researcher to find my Dad's Mum. Her name (no age) has her located at a house in Rothesay, Isle of Bute. Working as a General Servant. We took Dad's ashes to Bute. Knowing my luck, like visiting the wrong beach in Normandy, scattered the ashes in the wrong place in early '90,s. :lol:

    I've been scratching that itch for years. Did the DNA route without success. She disappeared and probably emigrated to escape her past.
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    I like a mystery. I'll help as long as the names not Smith ha ha. Give me all the details you know.
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    Find My Past added this collection today

    Scotland, Forfarshire (Angus), Dundee, D C Thomson Staff War Album 1939-1945
    Search through this unique collection of vivid portrait images of men and women employed with DC Thompson in Dundee, who volunteered to serve during the Second World War. DC Thomson, the long established Dundee based publishing company, is the parent company of Findmypast. DC Thomson is best known for publishing The Evening Telegraph, The Dundee Courier, The Dandy and the longest running British children’s comic, the Beano.

    Most of the staff depicted were employed at the Meadowside headquarters, which is still in operation today. The photo album contains each employees date of enlistment, name, notable details, and most have an accompanying photograph, many in uniform. A number of those listed were sadly captured, went missing or were killed.
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    Find My Past have added a Scots Guards collection today.

    British Army Service Records
    Over 2,000 new Scots Guards service records have just been added to our collection of British Army Service records. These include records of Scots Guards officers, available exclusively on Findmypast and never before published, who enlisted with this prestigious regiment of foot guards between 1642 and 1939.

    The Scots Guards can trace its origin back to 1642 when they were known as the Marquis of Argyll’s Royal Regiment. Throughout its history, the regiment has also be known as the Scots Regiment of Foot Guards, 3rd Regiment of Foot Guards, and the Scots Fusilier Guards. Finally, in 1877, the regiment received its title as Scots Guards. The enlistment records include the names of men who served in the Seven Years War, the Napoleonic War, the Crimean War, and the two world wars.
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    Cheers for that - 3 records downloaded, now to trawl through the 220 or so pages to see what extra detail I can find
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    This collection might help trace Lanarkshire people. The number of schools look limited for now, but hopefully FMP will add more in time.

    Scotland, Lanarkshire School Registers And Records |

    Each record includes a transcript of the original record. The information contained in the records varies however you may be able to find out a combination of the following:

    • First name

    • Last name

    • Birth year

    • Birth date

    • Year

    • Event date

    • School name

    • Place

    • Residence

    • Admission date

    • Admission number

    • Leaving date

    • Leaving cause

    • Last school

    • Parents names and occupation

    • Parents relationship

    • Archive reference

    • Collection

    • Register number

    • Page number
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    Yes I hope you are right, I only see Dalserf coming up when I search, so we will see.
    Thanks anyway.


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    Robert, who are you trying to find and what school? I maybe going to the Mitchell Library in Glasgow in a few months and definitely visiting there next year after the 1921 Census is released.

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