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    This archive is nothing near as good as the 1939 ID Register for England & Wales available at Find My Past, but it's the closest archive available to 1939 for Scotland if you are trying to trace someone.

    News: Valuation Rolls for 1935 Go Online
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    My researching over the years have seen me use a great number of websites. I thought I would add a few links etc to help others who are researching their Scottish soldiers/family.

    To find Birth, Marriage & Death details use Scotlandspeople website. It also contains Census returns up to 1911, Property Valuation Rolls 1855-1935, Church Records and Wills up to 1926 and also Military Will collections for both WW1 & WW2 Advanced Search It's a pay to view website, but the index is now free.

    National Records of Scotland is also worth checking. NAS Catalogue - simple search screen

    The Scottish Military Research Group They also have a Facebook page.

    Scottish National War Memorial lists the fallen Scottish National War Memorial

    If you are completely stuck, you can find some very friendly help via the Rootschat Scotland page Scotland : Page 1 RootsChat.Com

    Newspaper archives can be found (same collection on both these sites, Findmypast & British Newspaper Archives) Home | Search the archive | British Newspaper Archive I prefer the FMP collection because you can access your records after your subscription runs out. Attached is a list of the current newspapers available for the years 1939-1946.

    How to order an entry from the Scottish 1939 Identification Register. Unlike the 1939 Register available via FMP for England & Wales, you will only get information on an individual, the entire household will not be provided. Last time I applied it was £15 for the search, but only £5 will be charged if they are unable to find the person you are looking for You will also need to provide the persons Date of Birth & Date of Death, if the death took place in Scotland. If the individual died outwith Scotland, the Death Certificate will have to be provided with your request.

    Papers.JPG Papers Pg 2.JPG
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    Electoral Registers available via Ancestry:-

    Edinburgh 1832-1966
    Fife 1914-1966
    Glasgow 1857-1962
    Perth 1832-1961

    The Glasgow Necropolis burial register is in the process of being transcribed
    news — Friends of Glasgow Necropolis
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    Asylum registers have gone online 1858-1915. Images from the register cost £3. Pain in the derrière scrolling through the names using a phone.

    Will be worth keeping an eye on archive in years to come for the remaining WW1 years and eventually WW2 admissions.

    Scottish Asylum Patients

    What the records include:

    • Admission Number: unique to an individual carried through from the first to subsequent admissions and other records in the MC Series held by the National Records of Scotland.
    • Name - this may include alternative names, so married and maiden surnames for married women, aliases
    • Private/Pauper - whether the patient's stay in the asylum is being paid for privately or by a parochial board
    • Date of admission
    • Asylum - the name of the asylum to which the patient is admitted
    • Date of discharge
    • Type of discharge (Recovered, Relieved, Not improved, Incurable)
    • To whom discharged - not always included, sometimes can be just a place, or a relationship (e.g. "to son")
    • Date of death if died in an asylum
    • Comments - sometimes about type of admission, whether a criminal, subsequent re-admission
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    Poor law records for the Paisley area available here 1839-1942.
    Poor Law Records

    You download the PDF file and contact them with the reference number to obtain copies if you find somebody.

    Saw WW1 soldiers in the PDF. I'm sure some WW2 treatment would have happened here prior to the NHS being established.
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    Nice one! I have a strong Aberdeenshire family connection so this should be useful.
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    I was wondering if anyone has a listing, or would know where to get one, of the Scottish regiments who served in India and Burma during WW2. My wife wants to find out more about her father who served there, he was born and lived in Edinburgh, so I'm assuming it was a Scottish regiment, Royal Scots maybe? All she has is his name and birth date so if I can find out the regiments who served there I might be able to narrow it down from there.

    Also, can anyone give any tips on finding someone with name and birthdate only, FindMyPast didn't produce a hit for Ronald Cunningham DOB 7th March 1921 who's believed to have discharged with the rank of Corporal, there is one on there for King's Own Scottish Borderers, but it's not him.
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    Try MOD - , scroll down to Medals enquiries and email them with the details you have and you just want to find out what medals he was entitled to/issued. They should fill in service number and regiment, then you could apply here - Requests for personal data and service records: a detailed guide for his service records.
    after getting them you can then look for war diaries, and there are people on this site who can get copies of them for a reasonable fee.

    You wont find much else online, unless they died or were awarded a gallantry award or were a POW.

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    Beauty, thanks for that, didn't think of that angle, I'll attach a copy of his birth certificate along with the other known details and see how we go, as far as I know his medals haven't been claimed either. He died in 1965 so should be able to get full data and service records once we get his service number. :flagscot:
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    it says
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    Duh, thanks for that. :huh:
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    Having another look it seems to be a typical government form, one part tells you something is mandatory, another part then tells you and/or, haha. Looks like I'll have a happy wife.
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    Keep us updated and start a new thread if you like once you get the service records through.
    Forum members will then be able to add more info

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    Here is a video I did when researching a local CWGC headstone in Aberdeen and some of the sources I used to get the info.

    What would you recommend as the best all rounder for military records?

    I used Forces War Records for a while but wasn't too impressed.
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