Scotsman served in 42nd Infantry, Rainbow Division U.S Army

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    Scotsman served in 42nd Infantry, Rainbow Division U.S Army

    Appeal for information.

    There was a Scotsman who served in 42nd Infantry, Rainbow Division, U.S. Army during the Second World War.

    His Parents had emigrated to the United States and he was born there before returning to Scotland.
    When the United States entered the Second World War this man got his Call-Up Papers for the U.S. Army and subsequently joined 42nd Infantry, Rainbow Division

    Needless to say he was known as "Scotty" however his Surname may have been Robbins or perhaps Robinson.

    Scotty survived the war and attended a Reunion of Members of Company F back in 2004.

    Teddy Dixon from Belfast is a surviving member of this Unit and a relative is attempting to identify "Scotty"

    Any information would be very much appreciated.
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    Interesting. My wife is American and her grandfather served in the 42nd. He died a few years ago so unfortunately cannot help.
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    Thanks for your reply. Andy.

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