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  1. Martin Richards

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    This camp is meant to be located a couple of Km north of Blairadoch.

    On visiting the general location the location their are two main possibilities for the site of the camp; Stuchendoff village / farm at the top of a track running up the hill side and under a railway bridge. And Stuchendoff house / cottage alongside the loch.

    i visited both locations and talked with the current owners and whilst polite stated that the camp was not there and denied permission to take photos on their land.

    My images thus are from a drone and show a much wider area.

    Does any one have any data as to which of these two sites or even a another location is that of the camp ?
  2. Tricky Dicky

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    I assume you have seen this
    Secret Scotland - Stukenduff Base Camp
    Stukenduff Base Camp was a Prisoner of War (PoW) camp, Camp 230, located on the eastern shore of the Gare Loch, roughly halfway between Rhu and Shandon.
    There are no surviving remains of the camp, which has been lost beneath the construction of modern housing and the A814 lochside road, and lay between the road and the railway which follows a similar route further inland of the shore. The camp has been described as lying within the grounds of Ardgare House, however this has since been demolished, with no further information apparent.
    The site was recorded on aerial photographs taken in 1946, showing an enclosure with some 60 huts, mostly Nissen type in appearance.

    Camp 230 (& 618) Stuckenduff Camp, Shandon ...WW2 P.O.W. Camps in the UK – › uploads › 2020/01
    230(G.W.C.), Stuchendoff Camp, Shanden, Helensburgh, Dumbartonshire, Sc, Priswar, Helensburgh, RHU 334, (Blank), Major S.H.Anstey, v/1452/2 ...

    Ordnance Survey 1958

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  3. Martin Richards

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    Thanks for your reply

    The location you give is that for Stuckenduff Lodge which is one of the two places I visited.
    The current owners as I say stated that it was not a PoW Camp - and yes they may have been wrong.
    However, the building and those either side are very clearly PreWar which means that the location given does NOT line up with the text which is why I placed posted the question

    However, the map seems to show Ardgare just south of the Shandon Pier ????

    RAW 2021 07 2731.jpg
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  4. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    Maybe the photo would help - if only its location was known

  5. Martin Richards

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    The photo is of the location of the red arrow in your map.
    I have looked at my other images of the houses to the North and some may be post war, BUT most look Pre War.
    Either way I still plan to add this camp to my website Repatriated Landscape BUT with a request for information as to the exact location.

    Its the usual situation i guess in trying to find the various sites whilst address are known and were obvious when the sites existed it is simply not enough to give the actual location without other evidence

    I guess i will have to take another look next time i am in the area
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