Scarlet to Green: A History of Intelligence in the Canadian Army 1903-1963

Discussion in 'Canadian' started by dryan67, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. dryan67

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    I just purchased the 2018 paperback edition of this history, which is excellent. Unfortunately, they decided to leave off one critical feature of the First Edition published in 1981, Annex 9. This Annex consists of a number of lists of officers and units of the Canadian Intelligence Corps for a total of 17 varied lists.

    The list that I am interested in obtaining is "Intelligence Units in Canada, 1939-1945. I am hoping that someone has the First Edition or can access the First Edition and is willing to share a copy of this list with me or with the group.

    Please contact me through this thread or start a conversation if you can help.
  2. Chris C

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    The Toronto Public Library has copies of this. I can photograph those pages, possibly tomorrow, definitely next week. Do you know how long that particular list is?
  3. dryan67

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    I am not sure, but I would not think it would be more than a few pages. According to the 2nd Edition, Annex 9 contains a total of about 130 pages, but this includes a total of 17 lists of various kinds. Based on averages, this would mean about 7-8 pages per list. So I do not think the list of "Intelligence Units in Canada, 1939-45" would be particularly long.

    Many thanks for your kind offer. I will take you up on it.

    I remember going to the Toronto Public Library on a visit there in the 70's. Traffic was a mess at the time since there was a parade being led by Evel Knievil as well as a transit strike.

  4. Chris C

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    Wow, that must have been some scene!

    That won't be any problem, but I think I will have to delay it until next week as today I have to clean and pack for a trip to Ottawa late this afternoon. If there are any other old history books that you want material from, just check Home to see if they have a copy. "TRL Stacks" means the book is in the "request only" stacks at the reference library, same as Scarlet and Green, and the history of the 4/7 Dragoon Guards which I need to look at again - so I am planning a trip as it is.
  5. dryan67

    dryan67 Senior Member


    No problem, I can wait until next week.I will take a look at the TPL site in the meantime and see if there is anything else. I have a copy of Brereton's "History of the 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards" in my library. Can I copy any sections for you?


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