Scammell Pioneer used in Tank support roles 1939-42

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    The Scammell Pioneer 6x4 began the war as the army’s primary vehicle for both the tank recovery role and tank transporter roles. However, I believe production numbers never matched the needs of the army. Wikipedia gives numbers of SV2S recovery vehicles as 1,975 built by the end of the war, while the tank transporter, replaced by the American Diamond T in 1941, had only 459 produced by the end of the war. I am interested in their use in this timeframe.

    What numbers of these vehicles were used, at the regiment, brigade, and division level during the 1939-42 period? Also, with regard to the recovery vehicle, how far back from the front line did these vehicles deploy or were they used right up to battlefield recovery? 459 transporters by the end of the year suggests low numbers earlier in the war, so what role did these vehicles fulfil, just ferrying between railhead to divisional park, or a more forward role than that?

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    I believe I have read, in "Breakdown - a history of recovery vehicles in British Army" that Scammell transporters were preferred for recovery of damaged tanks and Diamond Ts for tank delivery. The Scammell having better off road performance "and the Diamond not having paying on gear on its winch.

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