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    Hi been researching the history of the SBS and wider Rading forces HQ operating within the Aegean and Yugoslavia in WW2. I'm going to share some of the sources, relevant War office diary numbers, and eventually the war office diaries themselves once I have procured them to assist others with an interest in these units or the theatre of operations.

    Primarily I've been researching from a number of books, these are

    • Special Operations in WWII, British and American irregular forces - Andrew L Hargreaves
    • The SBS in WW2 An illustrated History - Gavin Mortimer
    • Raiders from the Sea The story of the Special Boat Service in WW2 - John Lodwick
    • Terror by Night The official history of the SBS and the Greek Sacred Squadron in the Aegean 1943 - 1945 Alan Ogden (Also WO 201/2836 History of an independent command in the Aegean)
    Here are some of the WO diaries I have recognised as cosvering this period, my aim is slowly gather these up and post them as a resource,

    These are,

    WO 201/799 operational reports in the Aegean
    WO 201/802 Advance Raiding forces situation reports
    WO 201/1653 Operations Raiding Force
    WO 201/1755 Dodecanese Operations Raiding Force
    WO 201/2202directive to commanders Raiding Force
    WO 201/2263 Balkans guerilla operations special forces
    WO 201/2831 OP tenement attack by Raiding forces on the island of Symi in the Aegean (Simi Raid)
    WO 204/9681 Raiding forces in the Adriatic operational narrative
    WO 218/102 Raiding Force Signals Mar 43 - Dec 43
    WO 218/110 Raiding Force Signals Apr 44 - Dec 44

    This list is by no means exhaustive, I'm certain there are more. I'll be willing to share once I have procured them and share the narrative of events I've managed to piece together for the period.

    If your are researching this unit of have any further information plese PM me and we can share information and resources, hope this helps for those with a passing interest.
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    I have a number of the WO Diaries now, just looking to find a decent image hosting programme which is compatible with![​IMG]
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    I'm writing a biography on my father, George Jellicoe. We may have materials that could interest each other. Could you send me a mail?
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    Do you have the WO Diary related to the Simi raid?
    I believe my great uncle participated in this raid.
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