Saumur Tiger II

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  2. stolpi

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    Stay inside and close windows and doors! The Tiger II tank of the Saumur Museum, France, is on the way to Holland.

    It will feature in "MiliTracks", the annual WW2 military vehicle show, at the Museum of Overloon, next 19 and 20 May.

    Dit Duitse gevaarte uit de Tweede Wereldoorlog trekt door Europa naar Overloon

    Moving the tank, according to the director of the Overloon Museum in the interview, is a small logistical adventure, which took 4 months to prepare with the French authorities. Loaded on a special trailer, the tank will be transported 800 km by road from the Loire Region to Overloon. Because of its size the transport can only travel by night. The operation will take several nights and the tank is expected to arrive Friday night.
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  3. Dave55

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    The Frenchies seem to drive it pretty routinely. It must be in pretty good shape.
    Very impressive!
  4. Harry Ree

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    I remember seeing this fine tank museum at Saumur Calvary Barracks many years ago.There were also a number of Russian tanks displayed which were captured at Suez and had impact damage gouged out of the armour as it was butter.....but no penetration.

    (The Saumur Calvary Barracks where Patton and CDG were on the same tank course in 1923.)

    Reading Stolpi's note,I am assuming that the Tiger 2 is to be subject to a temporary loan for the military vehicle show.
  5. Dave55

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    When I saw the front of the Jagdtiger at Aberdeen I thought the impacts looked like they had been done with an ice cream scoop but butter works too :)

    I don't know if the gouges were done in battle or post war testing. The upper right hit is deeper than it looks here. No penetration in either one,

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  6. stolpi

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    Yes, the tank will be here only for the weekend ... and it will not race around the museum park as do the other vehicles.

    I've been told that it will move a bit forward and backward though.
  7. CL1

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    its the queak of the tracks!
  8. Harry Ree

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    But which track type option is it now shod with.
  9. Dave55

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    They didn't put transport tracks on it a couple of years ago in Paris

  10. canuck

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    That video gives a much better indication of how intimidating the Tiger must have been to Allied soldiers.
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  11. Seroster

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    You're right, Canuck. Even just seeing the turret turn in the first video felt intimidating. It's so darn BIG.
  12. stolpi

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  13. stolpi

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  14. Dave55

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    Here's a video of the interior

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  15. Dave55

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    Any plans to put an engine in the one at Bovington?
    Love watching them drive around.
  16. SDP

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    ...or preferably both of them. Actually would prefer TOG2 and what about the Tortoise again?
  17. Owen

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    Mate emailed this video

    He saw the Hetzer (which appears on another video he sent of that show) on a Dutch lorry on Wednesday on one of our local roads.

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  18. stolpi

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    Thnxs Owen - Seeing it on the lorry and moving through traffic just makes you realize what an incredible huge monster this Panzer was.

    I will not visit the Militracks, but I expect these will not be the last we'll see on You Tube of the short visit of the Tiger to Holland .
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  19. Marco

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    Some pictures inside and outside today. Gunners and loaders position looked original, radio and driver’s position was a French home-made mess.

    MIL0970-01.jpg MIL0970-04.jpg MIL0970-06.jpg MIL0970-07.jpg MIL0970-12.jpg MIL0970-13.jpg MIL0970-15.jpg MIL0970-17.jpg
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