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    In the Jeeps thread, ltdan posted a nice photo of some ne'er-do-wells I would not want to make angry in a bar.

    Here is another angle showing the same dangerous lot, with David Sterling standing alongside the closest jeep.

    Do any of you recognize any of the men in the jeeps?

    Is the driver of the closest jeep Paddy Mayne?
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    Lieutenant Edward MacDonald, D.C.M. of the Cameron Highlanders (foreground) sits at the wheel of his Willys MB 1/4 ton Jeep with Corporal Bill Kennedy manning the twin-mounted gas operated Vickers K machine guns beside him and the rest of the heavily armed patrol of L Detachment Special Air Service (SAS) Brigade on 18th January 1943 somewhere in the desert of North Africa.(Photo by Major Geoffrey Keating, No 1 Army Film & Photographic Unit)

    Another photo of him below:
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  3. Temujin

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    Everyone in above photo

    Left to right: (or furthest from Camera to Lt McDonald)

    Jocky Henderson – Scots Guards (Killed with SRS at Termoli),
    Jock Mcdiarmaid MM – Black Watch,
    Dave Goldie – Scots Guards,
    John Taylor, who I believe was with a Scots regiment, maybe Scots Guards,
    William Kit Kennedy, Royal Scots Greys,
    Edward Mcdonald

    So they were essentially a Scots Patrol.

    Source:SAS raid hits German airfield at Fuka
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    As per Temujin post above, and another photo taken at the time here;

    72647 Archibald David STIRLING, DSO, OBE, MiD, Scots Guards attached SAS

    Always remember, never forget,

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    The following is probably already well known. The complete IWM series of the iconic SAS photos taken by Major Keating, AFPU on January 18th, 1943 runs from E 21337 to E 21350 (14 total) and includes the group photos, individual portraits of each man and a few others of interest.

    Just one clarification. The man identified as John Taylor above (4th from left) the IWM names as Pte. Malcom Mackinnon of Glasgow.

    E 21347-1.png E 21347-2.png

    Regards ...
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  6. Slipdigit

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    Thanks all who commented on my query.

    I read an advanced readers copy of this book a few years ago:


    As mine is a editor's copy, it has no photos. I had looked for photos of men online at the time and found a few, but had not really seen this hardtack lot with names attached.

    Has anyone read the book? If so, what was your opinion?
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    Mad Jocks with machine guns unstoppable a winning formula

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