SandbostelConcentration Camp in Decay

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    I received this in the mail recently:

    The German local population and the local authorities aren’t really concerned about the decay of the former POW and concentration camp Sandbostel. They feel any money spend on the restauration of the camp is wasted.

    Former victims and their famlies who want to visit the campsite are threatened and even forced of the campgrounds, which are owned by local businesses.

    The German historian Dr. Klaus Volland and some volunteers seem to be the only ones who really care about the victims, their families and the campsite.
    He would like to build a memorial on the former campsite, but his struggle seems in vain. Because of that the webmaster of and created a petition to support Dr. Volland in his struggle to build the memorial.

    Therefore we need your help. Together we might be able to help him and his staff and convince the authorities and the locals that the former campsite of Sandbostel is important and should be kept for the future, so no one will forget what has happened in camps like Sandbostel.

    The Dutch press has already noticed the petition and a regional newspaper has published an article on it. Several other webmasters support the petition and placed the petition on there websites.

    We would like to ask you to place a link to our petition on your website and see what you’re able to do to support our petition.
    Together we might be able to help Dr. Volland!

    The petition be directly linked from: or found at:, or

    The newspaper article can be found at:,...076844_,00.html
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    Thanks for that info Paul, petition signed and link added!

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    signed :)

    and I think we should place this in the new articles section to get more attention, it will be ready in a few days.

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