San Pietro & Cassino Project

Discussion in 'Italy' started by Gary Tankard, Mar 13, 2019 at 7:08 PM.

  1. Gary Tankard

    Gary Tankard Well-Known Member

    Looks very interesting but not exactly cheap to participate :wacko:

  2. minden1759

    minden1759 Senior Member


    My thoughts too. Spend a small fortune to have the privilege of finding ordnance.

    Given the grinding poverty in Italy in the years immediately after the war, I am not sure that they will find anything.



  3. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

    So £2,725 + £100 deposit + flights for 14 days work.

    I'd want a lot more specifics than they are currently offering.
  4. bexley84

    bexley84 Well-Known Member


    New benchmark prices for you?

    Might see you in the Liri in May..

    best wishes
  5. Sheldrake

    Sheldrake Gunner Tours

    I know Neil Faulkner and Emily Glass. University of Bristol - did the WW1 database. Is this an academic expedition or a commercial tourism? It looks like an archaeological twist the gap year project which turns out to be just tourism? It doesn't say what hypotheses the investigations are intended to test.
  6. minden1759

    minden1759 Senior Member


    I would like more people to look at the Italian Campaign.

    Silly prices like that just put people off and so Normandy remains most people's understanding of the Second World War.



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  7. Stuart Avery

    Stuart Avery In my wagon & not a muleteer.

    I'm bringing my hard-hat cap on Frank's next study & (its not yellow!) 50 sheets to be a Friends member for a year. The links to the videos don't even work properly. Are these chaps for real?:bandit:s.

    Rather sad.

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  8. Swiper

    Swiper Resident Sospan

    I'd argue most don't understand Normandy... but that's for another time.

    A certain branch of Archaeology is increasingly a form of exploitative profiteering racket with junior archaeologists working themselves to the bone to have all accom, food etc taken out of a meagre pay packet. A handful stick with it hoping for something better. This often borders on little more than borderline exploitation of graduates. This project is rather distinct from the former.

    This clearly different and aimed at the well heeled market: Americans, as clearly indicated by the itinerary.

    Yanks spaff wildly for tours in Normandy etc compared to the UK.

    Dolla. Dolla bills y'all.
  9. zola1

    zola1 Member


    If my dear dad, heard i’d spent nearer 3 grand on this !... he would call me one side and have me shot to within an inch of life ... then he would have reminded me of all the realities that took place in Italy during that period.... Ordnance & all !.

    Good luck with that !

  10. Seroster

    Seroster Canadian researcher

    I participated as a volunteer in an archaeological survey at a potential Mycenaean Greek settlement in the Peloponnese back in 1999. That cost quite a bit of money too and I wonder how much of the cost goes towards expensive accommodation.

    On my trip there were also lectures (and swims on beaches) and visits to Mycenae and Olympia... it counted as university course credit for enrolled students.

    I expect this lot will also have to be a lot more systematic than ordinary metal detectors.

    But it may still be a racket!

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