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  1. XRayX

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    According to the old people in my town (Aalst-Waalre, the Netherlands) there was a British vehicle dump not to far from my home. I found some traces of it, but I hope to complete the story.
    My guess is that a salvage unit had set up camp here. Now I am trying to find out which unit this may have been.
    As I am new to these kind of units, I wonder if there would be people on this forum that can guide me in the right direction. I am travelling to the national archives next month, so if I am there it would be nice to look for the right war diaries.

  2. idler

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    It might be worth asking them if they knew of a large workshops being set up in the area. A vehicle dump could be associated with one of those instead of being a 'pure' scrapyard. Timing may also be relevant - earlier is more likely to be a workshop dump, later is more likely to be battlefied clearance.
  3. XRayX

    XRayX Aalst-Waalre

    Thanks, I will try to get more info.
  4. Tom OBrien

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    There were Crock Backloading Points - I recall seeing some details in 2nd Army REME diaries - I’ll have a look tomorrow to see if any were noted in your location.
  5. XRayX

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    I have only little more info so far but maybe it helps.
    The British liberated our town on the 18th of september 1944, so it must have been after that.
    The vehicles there were used for parts, and the ammo wa still in the vehicles (boys used to steal grenades there for the gunpowder).
    I found Jeep parts, Brenn carrier parts and ammunition (also German).

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