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    Even as a Capt, I saluted the Adjt when I went into his office. His response was to acknowledge me.

    One saluting story that I recall was when I was at Bassinbourn Barracks. A TA recruit course was being run and one of the recruits was a solicitor with an MG Midget. Given that every subaltern had either a Triumph Spitfire, MG Midget or MG Roadster, the soldiers on the gate assumed that ant one who drove one was an Officer.

    As a result, this chap was constantly saluted as he drove in and out of the barracks. The Adjt found out and had to put a stop to it.

    The solicitor thought it was great fun.


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    Back in the fifties we had a rather refined Corporal in our unit who in failing light on returning to camp after a night out, bore a passing resemblance to the Colonel commanding when dressed in civvys, being of similar build with lugubrious countenance to boot! He would wear an officer style raincoat complete with ratting cap and more than once when passing the Guard Room, the Guard Commander turned out the guard who saluted the "Colonel" by presenting arms in the correct regimental fashion. With a cursory wave of his hand and an amicable "Carry on sentry!", the corporal would continue on his way and was never rumbled.
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    We had a young Private soldier with a titled family background who choose to rise no higher than L/Cpl but needless to say spoke with very refined tones.
    He was on an Equine course run by the House Hold Cavalry a very Senior WO1 ( Cannot recall the donkey walloper appointment) who was running the course Saluted him and repeatedly called him Sir in front of the Class.
    The soldier a bit slow on the uptake did not correct him immediately and let it run on till he could stand it no longer and blurted out ,will you please stop calling me Sir ,Sir I am not a Sir I am a Private.
    I leave you to imagine the Wo1's response.
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    Having recently received a commision I stupidly took my family and a bunch of cadets to Army Display Day at Aldershot wearing my uniform. Every 20 yds was a young Guardsman who threw up a salute when within 5 yds.
    Worse was to come when I took my family into a marquee to see and handle every small arm in the British Army.
    The whole place ground to a halt as a smiling Sergeant Major called the whole place to attention and threw up a salute.

    I was persuaded to apply for a commission on my first day in uniform when a senior officer and ex RSM bawled me out for not recognising him in civies saying that there was no excuse and he should be saluted in uniform or naked in the shower.
    No one explained that you had to return a salute and that there were more of them than us.

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