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    We live at a tri-service camp. Confusion over saluting is rife... RAF personnel have been seen to salute Army JNCOs on more than one occasion - much to the (noisy) amusement of all the onlookers!
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    I got into trouble on day by saluting back the RSM while I was running. To make matter worse I was taking a short cut across the parade ground.
    Needless to say I was called before the base commander and crapped on as well as given extra duties for a week.
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    Dearie me. What are we coming to when we cannot recognise ranks, apparently, even within our own Service, let alone within our own three Services. I recommend a tour at a NATO even a EUFOR HQ; that will really confuse you!

    Have to admit I never did work out the French ranks!

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    Nothing that exciting I'm afraid, but great to have nevertheless: Dad spotted himself in the photo after it was re-printed in an old Association journal. He remembered a few stories about Westertimke - the armd bn dozed down the wire fencing when they liberated the camp; one of the prisoners was later to be a fellow MN shipmate and recalled both the arrival of the Micks as well as the POWs having to save the Germans who had been replacement personnel from the 'attention' of the Micks; the camp was later used by the Allies to guard SS prisoners of war, who he described as "arrogant bastards". From the guard tower he'd occasionally fire a burst if they tried to retrieve one of his cigarette butts, thrown tantalisingly close to the edge of 'no-man's land'.

    But, I was sent a photo of him with his two mates from when they were corporal instructors at Lingfield, a variation on a portrait photo he had in his own album, as well as a squad photo featuring a couple of good mates from the time.

    And through the forum, relatives of some men who he knew and served with have been in contact. Indeed the father of one forum member was in same platoon as Dad, sent me some great info about a man who often mentioned. Another member and regular contact shares my interest in 3IG as his grandfather also served with the battalion.

    All of which I was able to pass to him. Now that was rather special. This forum really comes up trumps.


    Back to salutes:



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    Quit a rare thing for officers to salute junior ranks first I believe. My Squadron got saluted by our Brigade Commander in Iraq at the end of hostilities in April 2003 - I'm led to believe the only Army that has this as an official tradition is the French Army?
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    You were saluted by Capts whilst you were Adjutant because, whilst you were a Capt yourself, you were also a Field Officer - unlike every other Capt in your Battalion.


    You may not have saluted with your beret off but I would have hoped that instead you would have braced up until invited to relax by the Officer - at least that is how it worked in my Battalion.


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    That is interesting: is there a source?

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    [SIZE=14.666666984558105px]sorry double post[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=14.666666984558105px]Regards, Mick D.[/SIZE]
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    Hi South,


    "We live at a tri-service camp. Confusion over saluting is rife... RAF
    personnel have been seen to salute Army JNCOs on more than one
    occasion - much to the (noisy) amusement of all the onlookers!"

    I was stationed at RAF Sek Kong, Hong Kong and often encountered
    Ghurka junior ranks who would salute me because I wore my Sergents
    Rank with my RAF Regiment Corps Title on my epelletes.

    See attached.

    Regards, Mick D.

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    I remember when I was a Lance Corporal on my first tour to Kosovo. My camo rank slide had a beige blob in the middle that looked like a single pip so as a result I was mistaken for a 2nd Lieutenant on too many occasions and kept getting saluted by fresh out of training privates to which my reply would be, 'Carry on. I'm not a Rupert, I work for a living'

    The novelty soon wore off and I got my wife to send me out another rank slide.

    One of my old Troop commanders used to walk around the depot at Blandford seeing how many recruits he could get to salute him along with one of his Sandhurst mates as a competition.
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    No specific source. In No 4 Blues dress, the Adjt always has gold braid on the visor bit of his hat to denote that he is a Field Officer.

  12. minden1759

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    I suspect that those Tp Comds quickly got bored with it.

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    Thank you FdeP.

    I just assumed as I was the Colonel's staff officer whose duties in 1946 was in charge of all organisation, administration and discipline of the Battalion, that gave me seniority over all other captains in the execution of these duties. Remember as a junior officer being questioned about Pipe Calls and failed to recognise 'Double up all Officers junior to the Adjutant to the Orderly Room!' I only heard it played once; it was never used during my time in The Royal Scots.

    Having sparked my interest to know more, have since read confirmation that in fact British Army Adjutants are given field rank.

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    My saluting story....

    I was proceeding from the Ministry of Defence to the FCO; it was a nice day so I thought I'd go the long way round across Horse Guards Parade and look at the greenery. In Whitehall warrior rig; a suit... might even have had a regimental tie on. I have proceeded through the arch when a staff car bundles up and out leaps the GOC London District. He throws up one of those nonchalant Guards officer salutes and says "Thank you, do carry on". The sentry was not in sight line. I then realised that I had braced my arm down my he was returning my salute... Get the man out of the Army, etc, etc..
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    My father was a Merchant Navy Officer (Engineer) post war. When he came home on leave he would walk through Woolwich depot and would always get recruits saluting him, mistaking his uniform for a Royal Navy one.
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    Whilst in Hong Kong with the Royal Hampshire's i joined the "dummy club" one of the requirements was to put your dummy in your mouth if saluting an officer, if caught not doing this you were chastised by other members the following night. I made my route's around camp so as not to see an office all day.
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    When I was a Trooper in a TA Yeomanry regiment in the late 1970s, our troop commander was minty fresh out of the TA course at Sandhurst. He was observed with his troop slightly less often than a blue moon. On the one field training exercise he attended, we were camouflaged up to the nines; face paint, scrim on rifles, the works. He is wearing service dress trousers, highly polished shoes and a service dress cap - with a combat jacket. He then proceeded to inform us that we would be moving tactically controlled by whistle blasts,,. this was too much for the troop sergeant who pointed out that this method ceased with the Western Front.. and took the officer aside.. So a few we scamps later decided that we would set up a saluting trap later to have the new TC's arm going up and down like a railway signal...

    Just to redress the balance.... fifteen years later a bunch of Army Cadets did the same to me...
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    Here is a nice little tradition on saluting.
    I was interviewed before being Commissioned,
    The board took place at Horse-guards.
    If a candidate failed the interview he left the building the same way as he entered .
    If successful the candidate left by a door that opened out under the arched entrance to the Parade.
    A dismounted Horseguard guarded this entrance.
    He knew that only Officers left by that exit (On Board days )
    So my first salute was from said Trooper with his sword.which I returned with a nod and "carry on please" as I was in civvys.
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    Well, I spent a couple of years as an Adjutant, but never heard of that one! That was in the TA (regular adjutant of a TA battalion), but I never came across that procedure in a regular battalion either. Neither, as far as I remember, did other captains salute the adjutant.

  20. Joe Brown

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    When a captain entered the Adjutant's office did they not salute? . . . And extend the same coutesy as they left.?


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