Sachsenhausen. 69 years after the Liberation

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    An annual Service of Commemoration regardingr the Liberation of Sachsenhausen, was Held on Sunday, 4th, May, 2014 and was the 69th Anniversary of the Liberation by Soviet Forces.

    The Berlin Branch of the RBL reagularly attend and it is always a dignified Service, but especially to those who were personally effected.

    Every year sees ex inmates return and this year there were several including one at the Age of 87, stood up and gave a speech on his personal experiences as a 15 year old Polish Student who was arrested in 1939 and after a stay in a temporary camp in Poland was transported to Sachsenhausen.

    The speech was very emotional as Karel Gdanietz spoke, without notes for more than 10 minutes.

    No doubt that he spoke from the heart and had terrible memories of his captivity.

    It is also a Special day for the Legion as we commemorate the Allied Special Forces Prisoners of War, who were murdered at the camp.

    Photographs attached of the Survivor Karen Gdanietz speaking at the Station "Z" Memorial and the wreaths placed after the Service.

    Also photos of the Special Forces Memorial with Standard Bearers from the Branch and French Veterans.

    100_1112 (Large).JPG 100_1116 (Large).JPG 100_1105 (Large).JPG 100_1108 (Large).JPG

    Lest we Forget.

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    Well done Tom,

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    Lovely photos Tom. Thank you for posting

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    Well done Tom.

    I visited Sachsenhausen just after the wall fell and was deeply moved by the whole experience.

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    Great photos Tom. Thanks for posting

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    Thank you so much for posting this. Much appreciated.
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    good day smudger jnr.m,5,69 years after the liberation.thank you for posting the photo's and some history of the camp.lest we forget.regards bernard85. :poppy: :poppy:

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