S.S. Tanjong Penang

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    You're a Guardian Angel: I can now, after 15 years, complete my profile on this particular unfortunate lady who was a Nursing Sister at Singapore General Hospital when the Japenese invaded. She survived the sinking of the Kuala only to be trapped in the T.P. her grave is now the Java Sea.

    I will not go into the boring details but for 11 years of that time my research was seriously affected when my wife developed dementia and died after 8 years and I have been restricted for the past 3 years by rheumaoid arthritis with partial paralysis of my arms and hands so I hope that my unfortunate lady is now content, I certainly am.

    I will always think of Olli when |I go through my ledgers.

    My very best wishes

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    Too much the honor, Tony
    That´s the purpose of a Forum like this

    all the best
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    Olli well done mate great work
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    A final word - It would appear that what we hear is not what was said.

    The Straits Times report of the new steamer records her as "TANDJONG PINANG" so a few corrections in my record.

  5. Well done Olli!

    For a more recent version (v5.0.0 Nov 2014, the file name notwithstanding...) of the second link above:

    The ship designers Ritchie & Bisset are still in business, and might have some photos of TANDJONG PINANG somewhere in their archives.

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    Nice to see my research documents - the very detailed memorial documents on ships sunk in the evacuation of Singapore - get circulated around the world like they are meant to! I have spent some 18 years researching these ships that were sunk after leaving Singapore and - importantly trying to identify who was actually on them since there were no passenger lists for the 40 plus sunk ships. If i can be any help on the dozen or so i have researched already please contact me - currently working on the HMMLs and the 'Pulo Soegi' which left somewhat together. Recently completed 'HMS Yin Ping', HMS Fuh Wo' and the 'SS Vyner Brooke' - many others before them which i am happy to share gratis.
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