Russian soldier's photos.

Discussion in 'The Eastern Front' started by Owen, Apr 19, 2008.

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    WOW, great! Thnx for pointing there - have never seen most of them! Respect, Owen ;)
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    R they using Faustpatrone?
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    Cool site indeed! Thanks, Owen :)
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    This one really touched me ~ the human face of war.


    Are you sure that's not chipmunk wallah on manouvres? ;)
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    Mooching through old threads (while looking for something I vaguely recall here about the Red Army capturing a distillery, maybe with a picture), and these are cracking shots - The first album in particular being an uncommonly informal view of the Soviet soldier at 'Great patriotic' War.
    Worth a bump I feel.
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    hi owen,19-04-2008, soldier's photos.great photos,its rare we see the way of life of Russian soldiers from ww2.great thread,have a good day.bernard85
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    Also agree Bernard wise words such young men and the eye's tell the story.

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