Russian and Czech Liberation of Czechoslovakia

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  1. Evening all,

    Can anybody recommend me a book or a reference source for viewing the dates and places in Czechoslovakia as it was liberated? I'm primarliy looking for skirmishes in and around the Trenčin region as well as the city of Považská Bystrica. Obscure I far this has proved difficult!

    Information about the Czech Legions of the Red Army would also be appreciated.

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    You are not wrong there - how well do you speak Czech??

  3. I speak Slovak which is very similar.
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    I was being light in my comments as I guess its such a specialised area, records in Czechoslovakia, if there are any, would be a starting point.

    I would guess it was Patton and the Russians that were dominant in that region at the time, so perhaps find out where Pattons route of liberation took him

  5. For those interested, Považská Bystrica was very important to the Germans. It was home to a very productive munitions factory supplying K98k and Gewehr24t rifles. Located at the foot of the Maple Mountain range (part of the Carpathians) it was surrounded by steep valleys with the river Vah (a tributary of the Danube) flowing through it's middle. Many soldiers were garrisoned in houses in the town and surrounding villages.
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  6. Oh sorry I thought you were going to recommend a book written in Czech! :blush:

    Something I've found very strage about the CZ and SK is that WW2 is not the huge deal it is over here. Not a day goes by here without some reference to the war being made or a programme on TV. Over there the mainstream public don't talk about it or have the interest. My partner is from Slovakia and she said they never even covered it at school! My point is that records are not collated and looked after like they are here. We are extremely fortunate despite the faults people point out with TNA and other record depots. Finding records over there has been very difficult, lots were burnt, lots were lost and lots was never even recorded.
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    "Považská Bystrica was very important to the Germans"
    Was it also a source of petroleum fuel? Or was that Roumania? Or another east european country.
  8. Romania was a supplier of oil and Sweden of iron ore.
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    The only book I have that covers Czechoslavakia in it's own right, as opposed to more generic east front books is: May1945 In The Czech Lands - Ground Operations Of The Axis And Allied Forces, I'm not sure though if or how much of the area you're after it covers though.

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