RTR (42?) photo of regiment officers

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  1. Susan Smethurst

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    This photo was in uncle AB Smethursts papers. Strangely I also have a paper setting out who is who in a photo of 42 RTR but having looked at it the descriptions dont match so this is not the photo the paper describes and currently this ones a mystery. My uncle is on front row second from right. This seems early and in UK (1942?).

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  2. Mike L

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    That picture is great, you can doom in well and I am sure some of the people can be identified by members better qualified than I.
    Waiting to see some more!
  3. Tom Canning

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    odd looking bunch- and long after 1942 by the look of all the ribbons even AB's M.C. which was earned in 1944- plus some officer from 9th Lancers - also appears to be more than complement of one battalion with a mix of young and the not so's as well as some older type uniforms with buttons showing etc - I would suspect mis-print for 46th RTR

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